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Black Desert Mobile is a MMORPG tall for your mobile

An MMORPG called Black Desert Mobile and we went through these first impressions on the day of its launch. Take a few hours online at the worldwide launch of a massive online multiplayer who wants to do things very well and be a success.

And the truth is that the first impression is more than fabulous for a world very rich in details and that gives off that halo of being alive. With some more than excellent graphics Black Desert Mobile lands on Android to get the attention of many in these days of cold, rain and wind.


Black desert mobile

Black Desert Mobile could be downloaded two days ago to go preparing your launch and that every player I already had his characters created. Already yesterday we were praising how easy it is to handle the creation of the character to customize it as we want.

Black desert mobile

But already being able to play, and when we are in those days when the beta of another great MMO (more MMO than this one) like EVE Echoes (and which focuses on the space theme) has landed, now we can live in person what PC players They have been able for a few years now.

A title that it gives off a lot of quality and that will not leave anyone indifferent. Of course, we warn first that it has a lot of pay to win, so if you hate this type of aspect in an online game, you can go looking for something else.

It gives off quality in the visual and in the details

Black desert mobile

Black Desert Mobile is a game that first enters the eyes thanks to its visuals. Then we will begin to roam the world automatically thanks to that function that is very present in many multiplayer online games. At least we have almost the obligation, although we can also move from it, to fight manually.

Black desert mobile

All the fights are very colorful and it is surprising that with many mobs on screen more players, and in a persistent open world where everything happens in the same place (minus some instances), the performance is more than excellent.

The graphics are the most and the abilities, in lower levels, already show their full potential to be able to go expecting that at higher levels it is almost a pyrotechnic spectacle what is generated on the screen of our mobiles.

Black Desert Mobile is translated into Spanish

Another important detail for Black Desert Mobile to catch many players who use Spanish to communicate It is translated. It is, and this puts a more than important point for it to be played. The missions enter very easy and in a short time we will discover the rest of the interface with these generous menus and shortcuts that make it very easy to equip with the last sword obtained in combat.

Black desert mobile