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Best video editing apps for iOS and Android

If you have a cell phone, in addition to a good camera, you also have a powerful high definition camcorder. But to make the most of the benefits of having a 4K audiovisual record in your hands you will need some of the best video editing applications for iOS and Android. A good video editor will ensure that the material can be shared with your friends and family or in the social networks: tell you how to order and trim clips, apply transitions and special effects, add music and voiceovers, and help you in continuity with the always useful templates. Although you always have the possibility to use your phone's default program, if you really want to create something unique, you can try some of the best video editing applications for iOS and Android that will surely help you with your creative vision.


iMovie | The best video editing apps for iOS and AndroidiMovie | The best video editing apps for iOS and Android

iMovie for iOS is a complementary version of Apple's desktop program of the same name. The mobile application gives you access to elegant clips and trilers, Hollywood-style, breaking the barriers of editing movies for beginners with an intuitive touch interface and a series of themes prepared to create videos with titles, transitions and music. You can improve your records with filters, slow motion, fast forward, soundtracks or sound effects, or simply use your own narration as a voiceover.

Among the special effects highlighted are the green screen, the split screen and the picture-in-picture or PiP mode (from English picture in picture). You can choose between 14 trailer templates, logos and customizable credits, in addition to recording the video directly from the application.

When you have finished making the audiovisual registration, you can easily move your projects to your iPhone, iPad or Mac for more precise touch-ups or connect a monitor to the mobile application to edit on a larger screen. Once you finish your work, you can save it on your computer or share it as a 4K video on YouTube.


CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector | The best video editing apps for iOS and AndroidCyberLink PowerDirector | The best video editing apps for iOS and Android

This mobile application, available for Android and Windows Phone, accompanies the famous desktop program CyberLink PowerDirector, in addition to having compatibility with Chromebook. In a traditional interface, PowerDirector has a multi-track timeline that allows you to edit Full HD and 4K videos, and add special effects, slow motion, voiceovers, effects collage, picture mode on picture or PiP, and blue or green screen to edit the background.

One of its biggest advantages is the video stabilizer, with which you say goodbye to the trembling hand syndrome.

When you're done, you can easily share your videos on YouTube and Facebook. The native export is 720p, but you can export at 1080p and 4K with a pre-payment. Premium features such as Full HD, removal of watermarks and advertisements, and content packages are available for free for seven days, but after that you should subscribe.



If you like to record videos and also want to have fun, Vizmato is easy to use. The slide show and video editing application allows you to add filters, themes, music, effects and text to your movies to share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and other social networks.

Vizmato offers more than 20 video themes and twice as many special effects, plus 140 background music samples to add to your videos. A function allows you to disguise your voice so you can hear yourself like a baby, a squirrel, a ghost and other characters. You can slow down, speed up or reverse effects on your video or add custom text and stickers. In addition, you can record HD videos from the application.

You can also create slideshows to convert your photos into full videos with a theme and music royalty free. Vizmato is free, but a subscription to the Pro version for $ 12 per year can eliminate the watermark, add a visual effects package and access royalty-free music.



Quik is a GoPro video editor and is designed to work with clips derived from the various action cameras of this company. But even if you don't have a GoPro camera, you can use this application to edit videos. Quik finds the attractive parts of your clips, adds transitions and effects, and synchronizes everything with a musical score. You can collect up to 200 photos and video clips of your gallery, albums, Google Photos, Dropbox, GoPro Plus or GoPro Quik Key and customize your video with text and music. Simply choose the photos and videos, and then select a topic like Action, Picture or Flick to gather the text, transitions and special effects of your video.

You can add text, use smart cuts to join clips, speed up or slow motion, add GPS tags and choose a soundtrack for your videos. Quik automatically synchronizes transitions at a musical pace. Function 24H flashbacks Automatically review the images of a day and create an original composite video from it.


Horizon Camera

Did you commit the first mortal sin and record a video vertically? Horizon Camera will not tell anyone. Rather, ensure that each video and photo you take will have a horizontal orientation, regardless of how you register your scene. Even if you turn your phone during capture, the end result will remain horizontal. The software automatically levels your photos and videos using your phone's gyroscope while recording, correcting the orientation so that the scene is always parallel to the ground.

The program has several resolutions that include VGA, HD, Full HD and 4K, and supports 60 fps and 120 fps (slow motion), fun filters, geographical labeling, three leveling modes and HDR photos. In addition to having a zoom function without loss of quality, through AirPlay you can project to another screen what you are recording. The application also supports several video aspect ratios such as 1: 1 square, 16: 9 wide, 4: 3 standard. You can open your videos in other applications and choose a video quality such as high, medium or low to save space.