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Apple numbers continue to decline

In terms of numbers, Apple did not do very well in the last months of 2018 and this has been caused by its last terminals that, despite giving them a lot of money, have failed to have the expected demand.

Now starting 2019 the news is not entirely good being the company's own CEO, Tim Cook, quin has stated that the numbers in the first quarter of this year will not favor them. The CEO has been responsible for warning investors and the market as these events affect the stock market.

Among the probable causes, Tim Cook states the following:

  • The iPhone XS has arrived late to the market compared to the iPhone X
  • The dollar affects the company in its next quotes
  • The restriction of sales of some of its devices in countries such as China have caused supply problems

In numbers, Apple plans to have a maximum of 93,000 million and a minimum of 89,000 million in revenue, but until now they have only been able to reach 84,000 million which means a very considerable loss for a company of its caliber.

The CBNC has made known through its Twitter account that if Apple's situation continues for tomorrow its valuation be reduced by 37% compared to the beginning of October, that is, a value of less than 400,000 million dollars.

The situation at the moment is uncertain and we will have to wait to see what actions Tim Cook takes to give a solution T what do you think of what is happening Apple? Are you a fan of the brand? Your devices are worth what they cost? Do not stop responding in the comment box, it is a pleasure to talk and generate debate with our community.

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