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Why there are no updates to your apps in the Play Store: Google responds

Only a few days ago, some users of Android began to to complain of what don't see any notification to inform you that your applications have been updated. As more reports of that unusual behavior began to appear in the application, AndroidPolice, an Anglo-Saxon technology communication medium, realized and began collecting information from various sources to find out what exactly was happening and inquire more into the case.

After the problem that users were experiencing apparently was solved for approximately one day, they began to emerge new complaints Reporting the same problem. The users they were understandably frustrated with these unusual events and many of them had a popular culprit as the spaghetti code as cause of the problem, a term that designates computer programs that have a complex and incomprehensible flow control structure.

Google finally explains what is happening with Play Store notifications

After this stir that had many users of the app store worried, it seems that a Google spokesman reveal that what has happened is actually a deliberate effort by those of Mountain View, and This is not an error. The objective, supposedly is reduce clutter that many users are experiencing in their notification panel and about what were also complaints before.

And although apparently there are many geeks To those who love that this updated application message is displayed in order to have better control over which apps have been updated and when to enter the Play Store itself, the great majority Android users won't even notice the change.

No need to worry

All this concludes that the Play Store keep showing notifications while the applications are updated, but once the process is finished, stas will disappear, so that we should not worry more about whether it is a code error and that our applications are not updating since, as we have said, as of now will be updated and the notification disappear so that it does not get in the way of our notification bar of our smartphone, subject on which there have also been complaints and that it has already been resolved.