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Why do I consider the iPhone superior to any Android

I still remember it as if it were yesterday: I really enjoyed my BlackBerry Storm, a phone that today would not have exceeded market quality standards due to its peculiar display, and watched from a distance to the iPhone. At that time, the Apple terminal looks like something very consumer and that could not rival a professional phone like the BlackBerry or even the first Windows Phone (remember the unfortunate statements of Steve Ballmer). But a good day Apple invited me to one of its keynotes that covered, in part, with my Storm, and little by little a seed was growing in me that has curdled until today. My first iPhone was the 3GS and since that model I have not managed to leave the Apple ecosystem ever. Why?

I have heard of everything, but above all the qualifier of fanboy or what I understand is the derogatory definition of a fantastic who does not see beyond a certain brand. But that is not my case. Throughout all these years I have tried to leave the Cupertino ecosystem several times and I have done so in an attempt to deepen Android, its great rival, but I have always returned to the comfort of iOS swearing that I never tried to get out of it It has always been for the following reasons.

Everything just works

iPhone in hand

The mantra It just works it is too real to omit; It can be argued that Android is far superior in some respects to iOS and it is certain that it is true, but Apple has managed to make everything work seamlessly within its environment. You cannot say that the rest of the platforms fail on a regular basis, but those who have had (or have) an iPhone will know perfectly what I mean: on an iPhone everything connects to the first one, the applications do not fail and the Restarts are rare. It may seem like a trivial issue but once this experience is lived, it is assumed as usual and you will not accept anything inferior.

Caught by the grimace … and the ears

To be honest, the reason given for opening the article will be enough not to want to leave the ecosystem, but over time I have discovered that Apple has woven a spider web, almost without realizing it, that it has completely trapped me. What do I mean? Bluntly: To the Apple Watch and the AirPods. Both accessories share something that has been decisive: I can no longer go without them; I am personally able to turn around and return home if for some reason I left the Apple. Once you get used to using the watch to read the notifications, add reminders and even to turn on the heating of the car remotely, you are not aware of it and there is no turning back. Obviously, there are more smartwatches on the market, but none have integration with the Watch ecosystem.

A person keeps the AirPods Pro, the best wireless headphones for iPhone, in the wireless charging box

And now that we talk about integration, the other product of the house without which you can not do without once you use it are the AirPods: Apple has managed to reinvent a standardized product such as headphones and integrate it into its network in a way as simple as efficient. Now from the Apple Watch I upload the volume or change of song in the AirPods and everything works in a harmonic way. I have never valued so much the weight of these accessories until I have had to use an Android phone to write about it: everything was fantastic but immediately something was missing in grimace and ears. I am caught by accessories that suppose an impassable exit barrier.

Applications for everything and quality

This point is sure to be much more controversial but, from my experience, Apple App Store applications have a more homogeneous behavior and interface than those existing on Google Play. Does this mean that there are no better apps on Android than on iOS? Not much less, but in general terms, the user experience in the apps of the App Store is more homogeneous, as is the feeling of security, and this sure has to do with the colder control that Apple submits to This app store.

Everything is at home …

FaceTime chatting

This week be testing a different phone so contact me by Messenger. It is a warning that I often send to my family when a phone to analyze different from the iPhone falls into my hands. Why? Because practically all my surroundings (family and friends), already use iPhone. It has not been something deliberate nor has it happened overnight, but at home I was the first to use this phone and little by little everyone has fallen in love with its charm. The same has happened with friends and wider family and almost without realizing it, you communicate with them through Messages or FaceTime until it becomes the standard of your environment. Again, caught subtly by Apple.

Is there a way out for this "gold cage"? Today, it is practically impossible for a brand to present a solution as integrated and effective as Apple and, for this reason, I keep the iPhone. Of course, the toll to pay is not cheap precisely: whoever chooses the iPhone must give up slender designs of high-end Android and its spectacular features. Yes, we look with some envy of what the competition is capable of, but that desazn lasts us little, just the time in which we return to look at the iPhone screen and continue using it.

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not reflect the beliefs of Digital Trends.

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