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this microchip battle against diabetes


A group of scientists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), say revolutionize diabetes control with a microchip that monitor patients' insulin and glucose levels in real time.

This proposal is part of the project “biosensors for diabetes monitoring”, winner of the Google Research award in Latin America and led by Catalina Stern, a graduate in physics and a PhD in Science, who has revealed that this study has a 40% progress and when it ends up being a great contribution to the care of the aforementioned condition.

It has been known that this proposal has been promoted by two researchers and two doctoral applicants motivated by the numerous requests of specialist doctors who want to have various mechanisms to monitor their patients.

Concerning how this device works, it is worth mentioning that a drop of blood from the patient is enough for the microchip to detect – in real time – glucose and insulin levels; And that's it, the results of that measurement are sent immediately to a smartphone, tablet or computer.

In that sense, Stern has emphasized that these qualities make this copy the first simultaneous meter against similar ones in the market that only manage to check glucose levels, because for insulin it is necessary to make laboratory tests that can take several hours.

It has also been known that This microchip allows doctors to not only see the results on their computer, but also keep a history of measurements to identify those patients who require immediate attention. For its part, users will have the possibility among other things – to see which products are harmful to their health.

As for device features, the reports illustrate that It could be in bracelet or box format; all depend on the respective tests to which they will be submitted in the coming months. Y be at the end of next year when you see light, and even, possibly with very affordable price.

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