This is the unusual 3D and 8K screen that we will see at CES 2020

This is the unusual 3D and 8K screen that we will see at CES 2020

A great novelty for the world of project development, design, audiovisual and video game creation laboratories professionals will be shown at CES 2020. From January 7, the 32-inch 8K SR Devkit screen of Dimenco will be on display , which has a great particularity: be the first in its quality with incorporation of 3D and 8K.

This company in the Netherlands specializes in the construction of glass panels for monitors and manufacture of screens with simulated reality visualization (RS).

On this occasion and to release this jewel for the creators of content, allied with Microsoft and Ultraleap, this last expert in visual and tactile interaction for electronic devices.

To satisfy a user who was no longer working with 2D and who needed to make a quality leap, is that they have created this integral system, which has been defined as a perfect desktop machine without the need for physical support or connection with other products.

The screen comes with a software development kit (SDK), which supports the best game engines on the market, so that developers can easily create applications using the Unreal engine and the Unity Editor. In addition, it allows you to easily import existing 3D content.

In parallel, Ultraleap has certified its Leapmotion sensor, which produces 3D graphics without portable devices, with which users can interact and feel with their own hands, creating a new way of interacting with digital media.

Ultraleap CEO Steve Cliffe referred to the alliance: Adding the sense of touch to digital content makes it come alive. The experiences are much more immersive and attractive. Therefore, we are very excited to partner with Dimenco in the SR development kit to create the most natural interactive platform from which developers can create immersive and magical content.

Finally, this is an opportunity for the Chinese brand of MSI computers to display together with the screen the first RS laptop, which features fully immersive 3D objects with which you can interact naturally in a virtual environment, without wearables, ready to be used in multiple industries such as design, architecture and medicine.

Dimenco CEO, Maarten Tobias, concluded that the product to be presented at CES 2020 is unique: “While the immersive content market is growing worldwide, the headphones, glasses and portable controllers necessary for virtual and augmented reality they don't provide the optimal and most natural experience that is hindering their growth and adoption. ”

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