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The "Spring Festival" event starts at PUBG: Mobile

He gives January 24 In this spring party, from 20:00 to 20:30 and from 23:30 to 00:00, a red packet. In order to obtain it, players must wait for the package to drop according to the time specified by the game. Each round lasts about 30 minutes, and the limit from opening Each player's package is of 5 units.

Red package cado!

The awards that can be obtained from this package are mainly BP, Silver scrap Y digital awards usable in the game, but not only that, because in addition, players can also get other prizes such as Google and Apple Store gift cards, or even ones Airpods, although that s, you will have to be very lucky.

To make flashlights

One of the novelties presented soon in PUBG: Mobile is the event Lantern Exchange o Flashlight Exchange. The event consist of collect scattered pieces for the maps that we must find in order to be able to build a flashlight Y get a prize. These pieces can be exchanged with other players to be able to get the ones that are missing from each one. We can get different prizes such as Tang's suit, among others. He gives January 21st and until February 6th The duration of the event will take place.

Win prizes by starting session

In this new event there are sure prize. Simply starting session We will be able to obtain different prizes as a sign of gratitude from PUBG Mobile for the players who have come to welcome this Chinese New Year. Rewards for login will go from January 17 to January 30. During these two weeks, we can get the many prizes. The ones revealed for the initial week are:

Give 1: Spring PartyF (x2) Give 2: Spring PartyF (x4) Give 3: Rat Mask (3 days) Give 4: Spring PartyF (x6) Give 5: Rat Costume (3 days) Give 6: Spring PartyF ( x8) Give 7: golden AKM (10 days)

The Spring PartyF may be used on the player's appearance island. The rat costume symbolizes the Year of the rat Chinese. Finally, the golden AKM can be used to welcome the new year as it deserves.

Firecracker Collection

Of the January 17 to January 30 By 2020, players can participate in the event of firecracker collection. Yes we collect the sufficient number of firecrackers during the missions, we can redeem them for him prize We choose in the store.

As we see, PUBG: Mobile is coming loaded with news to celebrate the Chinese New Year and maintains a good pace of updates so as not to give in to the competition. It is certainly a great opportunity to win a huge number of prizes and to be able to enjoy even more of a game that is already very fun, especially, playing with friends.