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Soula WhatsApp, the customizable version of the messenger app

WhatsApp mods are unofficial versions of the application, there is a wide variety of them and this time we bring you to Soula WhatsApp, a full version of functionalities and customization settings totally free for Android.

You have to take into account a very important detail, the mods are modified applications that Vitaminize WhatsApp We all know. Since it is not an official app, you can risk a ban, although there are more reasons why you can be expelled from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp wants you to use only its application, the one you download from Google Play Store or the App Store. It is possible that it detects that you use mods like Soula WhatsApp or others like WhatsApp Aero, so you must be careful with the use of these apps. In any case, this mod is prepared because it includes an anti-baneo system.

From Soula WhatsApp you should know that it is a very attractive mod, that occupies very little space and that includes a multitude of features you don't usually find in WhatsApp, above all, functionalities related to privacy, security and personalization.

Image - Soula WhatsApp, the customizable version of the messaging app

Being a unofficial mod, you will not find it in the Play Store, previously you have to activate the unknown origins in your Android terminal to authorize the installation of apps external to the store, that is when you can already download Soula WhatsApp in apk format.

  1. Download Soula WhatsApp for Android


Soula WhatsApp, most outstanding features

After downloading Soula WhatsApp, proceed to its installation with the verification of your number. Remember that the normal WhatsApp stop working, because now you chat through this mod, although you can even recover all the conversations. You will find the following:

  1. Customization: You can change the color of the icons, of various options within the chats, the source, etc.
  2. Privacy options: to those that are already available in the WhatsApp that we all use, we must add the possibility of hiding that you have visualized any state, the double blue tick, etc.

Image - Soula WhatsApp, the customizable version of the messaging app

  1. Anti-Bane System: As we already mentioned, this mod has a system that avoids banning by WhatsApp, so you should not have major problems to use it.
  2. Topics: Within the settings you can access to change the image of Soula WhatsApp thanks to the different themes available, among them with dark tones.
  3. Download: You can download statuses, image of your contacts profiles, etc.
  4. Enhanced functionalities: different options available to WhatsApp are improved, such as the limit of images to send (from 10 to 90), the size of the videos that can be sent (up to 100 MB), the number of characters of the text states (from 139 to 250), possibility of sending up to 100 images at the same time, etc.

Image - Soula WhatsApp, the customizable version of the messaging app

  1. Emojis: You have at your disposal an extra emoji pack.
  2. Shipment of files: With Soula WhatsApp you can send almost any type of file other than images, GIFs or videos, that is, you can send tablets, PDFs, etc.

Apart from all these functionalities, Soula WhatsApp also has different improvements so that the application is smooth, fast and stable, so that the user should not worry about anything else that enjoys each and every one of the options available to him. .

If this app is not what you were looking for you can uninstall it, then you will have to reinstall the normal WhatsApp and proceed to the verification of your number, so the conversations you had in the mod will be lost unless you have backed up.

Now is your decision whether to install or not Soula WhatsApp and try everything that this version offers, in which the customization and security options stand out, in addition to expanding some aspects that the original WhatsApp already offers that are currently a bit limited.