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Realme Buds Air TWS headphones are official in China »ERdC

Realme Buds Air TWS headphones are official in China

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A few weeks ago, Realme showed the TWS Realme Buds Air wireless headphones in the Indian market. The company had promised to launch them in China along with the Realme X50 5G. Fulfilling his promise, the company has officially launched the Realme Buds Air. Be available for purchase in three color options: yellow, black and white. With this release we have the full details of the headphones.

Realme Buds Air

Design and sound

The Realme Buds Air are ergonomically designed in a semi open shape. According to the company, this relieves the discomfort caused by in-ear headphones. They have a diaphragm advanced multilayer compound LCP Imported and a large 12mm sound unit.

To offer a surround sound, the headphones use a customized solution Dynamic Bass Boost. This provides powerful bass that enhance the immersive experience of watching movies and listening to music.

Noise cancellation

The headphones incorporate two microphones dedicated to noise cancellation. One microphone is used to capture the human voice and the other for ambient sound, then these are synthesized somewhat to compensate for ambient noise and offer a clear conversation quality during calls.

Functions and features

Realme Buds Air works with the high performance R1 processing chip which solves the problem of wireless audio latency. It is also compatible with the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol It effectively processes audio transmission and guarantees extremely low latency.

The company says that with the technology used in Buds Air, once the phone recognizes them, they connect instantly every time the case cover is opened. This guarantees a smooth and smooth use experience.

The two headphones are connected to the phone synchronously to ensure perfect audio synchronization and keep the latency as low as possible. They also come with a game mode, which further reduces latency by 51%. Thanks to this, excellent sound and image synchronization can be achieved. The company says that, compared to competitors, headphones have a low latency of 120 ms.

It also comes with Smart wear detection and a built-in distance sensor that detects posture. Admits smart touch controls, such as playing twice to play / pause, playing three times to skip the track, long press to activate the Google Assistant for voice operation, etc.