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Personal data of 267 million Facebook users are filtered

  • For incidents such as Facebook, a global cybersecurity investment of $ 133.7 billion is expected by 2022

  • Only one in 20 companies are well protected

  • Half of the world's data breaches use some form of hacking

Facebook could not leave 2019 without a last little big scandal. In accordance with Business Insider, it was announced that the platform would have leaked the personal information of more than 267 million users. Among the data that was available to virtually anyone are name, phone number and profile ID. This news was exposed by data expert Bob Diachenko of the cybersecurity firm Comparitech.

According to Diachenko, Facebook data was exposed with a server in Vietnam. The information repository in question was not saved with any specific password or password. This means that any person can enter and consult the data of the affected people. The cybersecurity expert is not sure exactly what these were being used for. insights. However, he points out that he could expose users.

The cybersecurity expert mentioned that the person's name and phone number are enough for malicious agents to execute spam strategies. Likewise, people may risk being victims of phishing. It is believed that the database circulates since at least the beginning of December, when it was first discovered. Although the information in the original repository has already been deleted, it may have been copied to another unknown server.

Another scandal for Facebook in data

These types of information gaps are not a new incident for the social network. On the contrary, Facebook has begun to distinguish itself by these problems since what happened with Cambridge Analytica. In 2018When this scandal was still fresh, it was announced that another of the platform quiz could have violated its users in a very similar way. You can also count the cases of April 2019 and that of Collective Culture, to say a few.

Of course, Facebook is not the only one that has leaked data from its users. In AugustIt was revealed that Master Card perhaps exposed thousands of customers. In the middle of the year, the United Kingdom government paid dearly to British Airways and the Marriott for two similar incidents. HBO was threatened by hackers for not releasing the Game of Thrones series ahead of time in 2017. Two years beforeUber also accepted that he lost the information of a thousand drivers.

Unfortunately, data breaches like Facebook's are very common. According to Digital guardian, these incidents can be tracked as far back as the 1980s. ForbesIn the first half of 2019 there were more than 3,800 leaks of personal information. That is, an increase of 54 percent over this same period last year. Varonis also ensures that seven in ten cases, were for financial reasons.

Is it possible that the company has even more crisis?

As already said, neither Facebook nor its other products (WhatsApp, Instagram and even Oculus) escape the controversy of data breaches. On the other hand, the company has never been very good at dealing with these controversies. From Cambridge Analytica, you could never really recover from this bad reputation. And the fact that these incidents do not stop over time only makes the situation of the social network more serious. Or at least that will be.

If it were any other company, the rating will be immediately that the brand is mired in a crisis that will be difficult to get out of. But it is not one more company, but Facebook. A platform that has shown, again and again, that it seems to enjoy almost unlimited patience from its users. It is true that the image of the social network is not precisely prstine. But everything indicates that even this data gap will not sink it.