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Mobile adds a new and fun navideo battle mode

Call of Duty: Mobile Christmas

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the games of the year and has not wanted to end 2019 without a surprise for all your players. After the landing of the expected zombie mode, now Call of Duty: Mobile has launched a new fun mode for Christmas.

This new game mode will only be available for a limited time and in which we will have to eliminate the opposing team that has been transformed into Christmas gifts in a new map with special decoration.

Play Accessory Hunt now in Call of Duty: Mobile

This new “Prop Hunt” mode, or Accessory Hunt, will have players literally chasing gifts in an evil hiding game. Be available from December 20 Until december 31 in Winter Raid. Then arrive at two new maps such as Standoff and Crash on December 31.

As happened in other events such as Halloween, this new map is decorated in Navideo style with garlands, lights and four scary snowmen. If users decide to destroy these snowmen they discover a new and fun seasonal easter egg.

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It is a quite different and original game mode in which A team can be transformed into any object on the map in order to survive and hide of the rival team, the goal of the other team is to find and destroy them.

In addition Call of Duty: Mobile has reported that a new Battle Royale class called Trickster is now available. Trickster is a class that uses mental work to confuse your opponent. You can project two holograms of yours to disorient the enemy in your real location. To get it you must complete a series of tasks and challenges in Battle Royale.

And finally also comes the special assault rifle AK117. When shooting an enemy with this weapon, it they will turn to ice and break when they die. We also have a snowman grenade and the decorative Gnomad Garden. You can know all these news in the official Activision blog.