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Is Mac Pro so expensive compared to workstations with Windows?

Mac Pro front

Lines and lines have been written about the price of Apple's new Mac Pro, a computer that starts from the 6499 and that can amount to more than 60000. That is why most of the media have been thrown into easy criticism, and that's how absurd comparisons have begun. Let us analyze then for what public objective this work station has been launched and which are its competitors, so we can understand the reason for its price.

As the name implies, it is "Pro", but "Pro" really

Apple has accustomed us to call its top-of-the-range "Pro" devices. But "Pro" does not indicate that it will be the choice of a professional who is really looking for a high performance team. For example, to put ourselves in context, although it is true that the power of a 13-inch MacBook Pro does not leave anyone indifferent, since it is a most capable laptop, if we compare it with the user to whom the Mac Pro is focused , the Macbook will help us for little more than blowing the boogers. This is because who needs a professional computer really does not search among those of 2000 (Although that is already a considerable figure), if not going to a workstation to develop their professional activity, an activity that requires the power and performance that this computer is able to offer.
This does not mean that a MacBook Pro does not serve to develop professional tasks, it is simply that there are professionals who need more than what these computers can offer.

Mac Pro ifixit

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The ridiculous comparison

If you have been interested in this computer, surely you have found a lot of articles and news scandalized to cost in its most vitaminized version "more than what an average American earns a year" for example. This is true, but We must understand that this work terminal does not address the ?average citizen?. It is nonsense that someone who does not use a machine like this to make a living buy it. It is not a luxury item, it is a work tool, and your target audience is the one who will use it for it.

Then they have come comparisons with Windows computers, and here that has already been a disaster. It is this point that we are most interested in analyzing today, since they have been one of the most repeated critics. Is Mac Pro really that expensive if we compare it to a computer with the same features with Windows? Let's see it in the next section.

The Mac Pro against its alternatives in Windows Is it so expensive?

To compare equipment we will go to the website of two computer manufacturers that allow you to configure your workstations with the same features as the Mac Pro. We will take as a reference the base model, which as we say part of 6499, and we will see how much each one will cost in comparison with components as similar as possible.

Dell Precision 7920 Tower

We will start by comparing it with a Dell tower, configured as closely as possible to the Mac Pro. Followed by tennis key specifications.

Dell Precision

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Despite the fact that it has a 500GB hard drive, the 256GB SSD is also included in the configuration, which is what comes with the Mac Pro as standard.

With a simple glance we see how Dell's tower is very close to those 6499 of Cupertino's computer. All this counting that the box of this has nothing to do with the design of the Mac, and that the components that it includes with the tower are a simple keyboard and cable mouse, compared to the peripherals that it brings the standard Mac Pro, a Magic Mouse 2 and a Magic Keyboard 2.

HP Z8 G4

If we compare the Mac Pro with an HP workstation in similar configurations, the same thing happens with the Dell tower. We find a very similar price and in this case with slightly lower components to what Apple's are.