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Is it worth buying a specific gaming tablet?


Is it worth buying a specific gaming tablet?

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November 22, 2015

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Statistics point out again and again that one of the activities that we most often carry out with our tablets is that of to play nor do they stop appearing news that indicates that the big ones of the industry of the video game more and more they turn to mobile devices to improve their benefits. With all this in mind, it is not surprising that we already have a tablet specifically designed to meet the needs of the most gamers and that little by little it is beginning to emerge competition. But, at what point is it really worthwhile to bet on one of these devices?

First: what kind of games do we play?

Before we start talking about the features that interest us in a tablet that we are going to use regularly to play and what these tablets add to gamers that do not have others, we must start by making it clear that not all games really benefit from any of those features. In fact, the opposite happens: most games for mobile devices, the most popular at least, are games with a graphic level quite low with minimum hardware requirements. And it is quite logical, in reality, if you want your game to become a real download success, it is not convenient for you to be able to play on basic or even medium range devices.

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This means that, no matter how hooked we are and many hours we dedicate, if our favorite games are Candy Crush, Clash of Clans or Angry Birds, we really don't have any special needs. When we talk about good tablets to play, we are referring to games with high-level graphics, which are usually said to be game console quality and that, indeed, often, if they are not directly a version of a game console game, they are at least the type of games that would be launched on that platform, which is why genders refers, basically means action games (RPGs, Hack & Slash and shooters), and some sports and racing games.

What do we need on a tablet to enjoy demanding games?

It is clear then that not everyone who dedicates hours and hours to games on their tablet really needs a good tablet, but it is true that as the power of this type of devices continues to grow, the possibilities of studies to develop more demanding games increases in parallel and if we do not update, we find ourselves with more and more problems to enjoy the titles that most attract our attention, as has happened recently with the FIFA 16, without going any further, that has come with some quite high hardware requirements.

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The fundamental factor to be able to enjoy these games, and it is the one that should always pay more attention, is the processor and more specifically the GPU, which is the unit in charge of graphic processing. If we take as reference one of the processors for mobile devices of more level for games that we have right now, which is the Tegra K1, it may, in fact, that the data on your CPU does not get our attention too much compared to that of some Exynos or Snapdragon, but the interesting thing is its 192-core GPU. We already show you a ranking with the Android devices that best scored in graphic processing and the first places were taken by the tablets that mount it.

The difference between the best tablet and the best tablet to play

This detail regarding the processor is one of the keys for which an excellent high-end tablet may not be the best if what we want is to specifically enjoy the best games, but not the only one. We had a good example of this in the same ranking just mentioned and in which we found the fantastic Galaxy Tab S in quite late positions. What was the problem? Quite simply, that all the emphasis on these tablets was put on its spectacular display of resolution Quad HD, while its processors are one step behind: despite how tempting it is to find a screen with the best possible image quality to get the most out of games with good graphics, it can be counterproductive by making us lose fluency.

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