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Instagram allow you to set a minimum age to enter profiles

Instagram is preparing a system to establish the minimum age of users who can access a specific profile, not only globally, but also for the visitors of each country.

The idea makes sense especially for brand and company profiles. For example, the Instagram account of an action videogame could put a minimum of 16 years for users to see their profile, photos and Stories, while a horror movie might go up to 18 years.

Instagram has not yet activated the minimum age, but we already have some details thanks to the Twitter of Jane Manchun Wong, a Chinese engineer who analyzes the code of many apps in search of developments that are in development:

Image - Instagram will allow you to set a minimum age to enter profiles

Instagram has long started expelling children under 14 from its social network, and now it seems willing to better manage teenagers who have an account, but are not yet of legal age.

Something that worries especially brands, which in the end are those who generate income by paying for advertising on Instagram.

A clear example is the possibility of setting a different minimum age according to the country. In some places the age of majority is reached with 21 years instead of 18 years, and in addition the qualification of age of the contents comes into play.

For example, a film may have different age ratings in the United States, Japan and Europe, and some countries such as Germany or Australia tend to be much stricter.

In such cases, a Instagram profile can be hidden for those who do not have the minimum age Specify your responsible in the configuration.

As a social network, the goal on Instagram is usually to reach notoriety, so the minimum age to see the profiles will surely respond to legal requirements, and rarely be used for other reasons.

Actually, Instagram already has very strict prohibited photo rules, which discards nudes, violence and hate speech, so we don't talk about a system to moderate the content.

The new function is in development, we don't know when to be released, or if you receive changes before doing so, and can even be discarded if it does not work as expected.

Although we believe that the Minimum age on Instagram profiles will probably be underused, it is a useful function in certain cases, and it can avoid social network controversies in the future.

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What do you think of this decision? Do you think a minimum of age in Instagram profiles is necessary if we think your rules are already very restrictive?