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How to make Samsung cheaper phones

Samsung Galaxy A50 vs samsung galaxy m20 cameras

Samsung has just closed a rather curious year. He started surprising us with his Galaxy S10, a very elegant device, with a very sober design and very interesting specifications. However, and despite the good critics received, it was not among the great public. Then came the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first foldable phone of the brand that caused a catastrophe in the company to the point of having to be removed from the market.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note10, the South Korean company is right. Considered for many the best Android phone of 2019, Samsung has managed to manufacture a practically round phone in every way to the point of being a sales success. Now, if something positive has to get Samsung out of 2019 is nothing related to the high-end. Because s in some sector the firm "has petado" – we are colloquial – is in the mid-range and is ah where Samsung wants to continue betting in 2020.

More phones and cheaper: Samsung's plan to dominate the mid-range in 2020

Rear View of the Samsung Galaxy A50

It is not for nothing that we have been recommending Samsung's Galaxy A range to all those who ask us about cheap smartphones with good features for a year. They are great terminals and although it is true that they have benefited from the sales of Huawei, one thing does not take away from the other. Samsung has hit right this year with its Galaxy A range.

Therefore, according to Reuters, the South Korean firm will sign an agreement with Wingtech, a Chinese firm well known for working with other companies. In this way, Samsung can make phones much cheaper Thanks to reduce your production costs and remain competitive.

According to Samsung sources, this shift in the way of producing is forced by the great competition that exists today and due to the appearance of certain brands such as Xiaomi or realme that sell quite interesting feature phones at ridiculous prices. Just hope that this decision does not cause a quality one in the mid-range of Samsung.

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