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Google Translate may compete with Duolingo and Babel

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Currently, there are so many free tools to learn languages ​​that there are no more excuses to remain monolinge. Whether watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts or using apps like Duolingo or Babel; Learning a new language today is very easy if you feel like doing it.

It will be easier to be soon, with the new feature that will incorporate Google Translate to compete with Duolingo and Babel. And is that the app researcher Jane Manchun Wong discovered in the Google Translator app code this new function that allow to learn new languages ​​using flashcards or learning cards.

As Google Translate help you learn new languages

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Learning cards consist of simple letters that on the one hand they show a word and on the other their translation. In the Google Play Store we can find many applications that offer these cards to learn languages, but it will no longer be necessary to download them because Google Translate also offers them.

Although Google Translate does not become a complete tool for learning languages, it surely serves as a complement to other learning apps. And the main function of Google Translate flashcards is help us learn and review our vocabulary in other languages. However, if Google Translate continues to add features like this in the future, it can become a serious rival of Duolingo and Babel.

According to the video revealed by Wong on Twitter that shows the function, the words that will be on the cards are the ones we have marked as favorites (with the star). Function found in the Vocabulary section and we can open it by touching a floating button. The cards can be displayed in order or randomly to test our learning.

The official launch date of this new Google Translate feature has not yet been announced. However, according to what Wong discovered, the function is already very advanced, so for sure arrive with the next translator updates. Meanwhile, be sure to see the next post with the best apps to learn languages ​​on Android.

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