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Dell wants to bring the Gamer PC in a portable way to the Nintendo Switch

The rain of information has already been launched on the first day of the CES 2020 and of the most peculiar things that were presented this day of kings was undoubtedly by the Dell company. Through its division dedicated to the gamer world, the project of a portable Gamer PC called so far was announced UFO concept since it is hardly a prototype, but it is more than familiar.

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As much as we avoid it, we cannot stop thinking about a Nintendo Switch since the concept has been based on that console. However, we know that the Alienware line is distinguished by a fairly acceptable performance that Dell wants to bring to this portable PC.

Among its features, it is possible to separate the lateral controls of the central tablet to play with the latter on a table. Also, if the user prefers it, you can also use a monitor, keyboard and mouse to avoid losing your habit. Among the games that have already been tested without problems are Rocket League, Mortal Kombat 11 and F1 2019 They are not light at all.

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As for the hardware, it has not been clarified what empowers this striking gadget and they have simply said that it runs with a tenth-generation Intel processor. In connectivity it has WiFi, Bluetooth and a Thunderbolt port. Being a project in the initial phase, it is normal that not all data are given, so there are no reports of price or market arrival. Of course, it seems a somewhat interesting proposal.

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What do you think of the Alienware Switch? Do you like the idea or do you think it is unnecessary? I read you in the comment box.

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