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Charles Martinet, the actor who gives voice to all the characters of Mario

Charles Martinet is an American actor who, in addition to starring in series and movies, is known for being the voice of all Mario's characters.

When you ask anyone what their favorite video game characters are, there is always one that stands out above the rest: Mario Bros. Even if the person is not a regular player, Mario is a superstar. And one of Nintendo's main assets, of course. The franchise has thousands of curiosities, but it stands out among the rest: all voices are from the same person.

Charles Martinet, that's the name of the actor who plays Mario Bros. But not only him, Luigi, Wario, Bowser, Donkey Kong … And even Princess Peach. It appears from the first video game to the last, including Super Mario Run. The same with which we will enjoy on Android next March, Nintendo has confirmed it.

Charles Martinet puts voice to all the characters in the Mario Bros saga

This is the actor who gives voice to all the Mario characters

The actor, specialized in dubbing, has been giving voice to the characters for 26 years. From the first to the last, especially in Mario 64. It is here that Charles's vocal wealth is first appreciated as he interprets complete phrases of all the characters. Including many of the already mythical, such as «It’s-A me, Mario».

In the following Great Big Story documentary you will find an interview with Charles Martinet with his story giving voice to Mario Bros. If you have spent hours with the mythical Nintendo games you will get chills just by listening to him. In little more than 3 minutes much of the history of video games is summarized.

Piping voice of Mario, the most serious of Wario, the female of Peach … All are the result of the same person. They have been with us for years and will continue to do so, whether on mobiles with Super Mario Run or in the next installment of the Nintendo Switch franchise, Mario Odissey.

It’s-A me, Mario!