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CES 2020: Google Assistant read long texts aloud and allow to leave programmed orders

Google has simplified the process of setting up a
smart device with Assistant and adds new functions, which allow you to create notes without logging in or make a natural long text reading.

In the framework of the fair
CES 2020, which is celebrated this week in Las Vegas (United States),
Google has introduced new features of its digital assistant, which is already available in more than 90 countries, where more than 500 million people each month seek their help through smart devices.

Easier setup

One of the changes introduced in Assistant simplify the configuration of an intelligent device through the manufacturer's application, as reported in a statement published on his blog.

The user will receive a notification on their Android phone, or, when opening the Google Home application, see a 'suggestion button' that asks them to connect the device with the Assistant. This way, you can complete the configuration without having to re-enter the credentials in the account.

Scheduled actions

For the control of domestic devices, the company has presented the function 'Scheduled Actions', which arrive at the end of the year, with which the user can ask the Assistant to turn on / off or start / stop a compatible smart device at the time choose

Internal messages on screen

The 'Household Notes' function creates digital post-its on a smart screen
type Nest Hub or Lenovo Smart Display that, in addition, can be consulted without having to log in. You just have to ask Assistant, for example: "OK Google, leave a note that says I already gave Max breakfast."

The Lenovo Smart Display is available in two sizes: 8 and 10 inchesThe Lenovo Smart Display is available in two sizes: 8 and 10 inches

With 'Home Contacts', you can configure the speed dial of the most important contacts, so that anyone in the household can make calls with speakers and smart screens with the Duo messenger.

Read long texts

On the other hand, and also at CES 2020, Google has introduced a new functionality that offers natural reading of long texts. As the company explains, this functionality relies on new voice data sets to create voices that sound more expressive and natural, making listening easier for a longer time, for example, from press articles.

Make him stop listening

And with regard to security and privacy, the company has announced in Las Vegas the incorporation of two new voice actions so that users can easily control their privacy.

Through the commands: 'OK Google, that was not for you' and 'OK Google, are you saving my audio data?', The Assistant can be told, first, to forget what he heard if there was an involuntary activation , and second, to explain how privacy controls are configured and go directly to the configuration screen to change preferences.

Sonos demand

At the same time, the company is looking for televisions that incorporate Google Assistant to work when the TV is turned off, so that they function as connected speakers (and interact with Google services) while the screen is not being used.

The announcement comes at the same time as the speaker manufacturer
Sonos initiated the trial, alleging that Google's technology violates 5 of its wireless connection patents.