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Analysis of LG G3 S, the little brother of LG G3

The LG G3 S is a mid-range smartphone He perfectly copied the design of his older brother, the LG G3 S. Today we will talk about the main advantages and disadvantages of this smartphone that aims to stand up to terminals such as the Motorola Moto G 2014 or the BQ Aquaris E5 4G.

The LG G3 S perfectly copies the exterior of its older brother. It is a device very ergonomic and that nothing heavy is done, since it only weighs 134 grams. LG has taken advantage of the space with very thin screen frames and a design, from my point of view, elegant.

Something exclusive to LG smartphones is the rear keypad, where the volume and lock buttons are incorporated.The LG G3 S includes this feature, something that can be somewhat annoying the first few days but is comfortable once accustomed, since it allows us to press the buttons simply with the index finger. This is something that I particularly liked.

Analysis of LG G3 S, the little brother of LG G3

In the back midwife we ​​also find the speaker, that despite having a medium power is somewhat uncomfortable in that position, since having the mobile supported on a surface the sound is distorted. Although this is something widespread of many smartphones, others such as HTC One M8 or Motorola have solved it by placing the speaker in the front.

The LG G3 S has a display of 5 inches with an HD quality of 720 pixels, thus obtaining a density 294 ppi, sufficient for the screen size. It has a good sharpness and the colors look vivid.

A big point against this smartphone is the inability to activate automatic brightness, since it lacks the sensor that regulates it, so we will have to adjust it manually attending to our needs. The brightness levels are optimal, with a very low illumination when placed at the minimum and a great illumination when placing it at its maximum level.

Analysis of LG G3 S, the little brother of LG G3

At the bottom of the screen are the navigation buttons, which we can customize as we wish from the settings section. In addition, this smartphone can be used almost entirely with one hand due to its small size, which is a great point in favor.

The LG G3 S has a 8 megapixel camera very well endowed, with optical stabilization and laser focus. You can also record Full HD video in slow motion. For the rest we see the normal in the rest of the smartphone camera, LED flash and HDR. Indoors, taking pictures is more than acceptable, but outside we must have HDR mode activated if we want to get the best results. As for the front camera, it has 1.3 megapixels and a function that tries to mimic the rear flash by illuminating the screen so that selfies in poor lighting conditions look decent

I particularly believe that the quality of the camera is not something that should be taken into account excessively when opting for one or another smartphone. No professional photographer takes photographs with smartphones, so if you are the photographer by hobby or just for leisure, This smartphone meet your expectations.

The smartphone has a Li-in battery 2,540 mAh capacity. With this capacity the device can hold us until the end of the day if we do not use it too intensively. Even if If you are one of those who are giving the smartphone all day, you should buy an external power supply or get another device. Me who comes from a BQ Aquaris E5 4G before using this device, if we face them there is no color. The BQ wins in this section by a big difference giving it the same use.

In addition, a device that spends a lot of battery at rest, without any use. So if you do not leave the phone charging at night you may get up without any battery.