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Ailment is a terrifying action adventure for your mobile

Y good that we can talk about a game like Ailment that from the first minute it already shows you everything that is going to wait for you in this action adventure of space terror. A game translated into Spanish and that thanks to that pixel art can be enjoyed in a wide range of mobiles.

A new title that is receiving great acceptance by the community of Android players and that totals 4.8 points on average with more than 8,700 reviews. There is nothing. A free game, although with publicity, and that we go through the review to know some of its best points.

You are in a ship and you don't know what happens …

Ailment in Spanish

In Ailment you face all an action space adventure in which you will use the controls of typical control and a series of buttons to use to be able to attack those zombies that, apart from moving very fast, use space blasters and another series of weapons. Yes, they are smarter than they seem and our poor character is going to have to face someone with whom he had some friendship.

Ailment in Spanish

Apart from that frenzy in combat, we will be present before a whole story that is being discovered as we explore the galleries of the ship in which we are. The story begins when our protagonist wakes up in a spaceship after having gone unconscious for three days and when all his crew have become zombies more than fearsome.

The last thing he remembers was when he returned from another ship where he had a rescue mission. Almost as if we were facing a passage from Alien, the eighth passenger, although with its differences in the plot, although it does offer that tension and space terror, Ailment becomes a small work of art.

Ailment and what you have to discover


The plot in Ailment will lead you to try to remember what happened to reveal the truth and know what happens on that ship. And from now on it will be when you find yourself facing a wide variety of weapons, brutal animations of deaths (with heads rolling), a character who is commenting on his exploration and rough details and those sound effects that put all the necessary atmosphere to enjoy the more than perfect experience of this game.


We also have Easter eggs in each level that we have to discover and a lot of hours of gameplay. With saying that you will spend your 40 minutes to discover a huge game that has a lot to give and with the ability to take other NPCs (players not controlled by the computer).

Count with one multiplayer mode that allows us to create rooms and enter others to share games with our colleagues. We could not prove this point but it gives more depth to a game that grabs you for many things.

An action game and great height story