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7 details about the original iPhone that you may not know for its thirteenth anniversary

Steve Jobs iPhone

13 years ago Steve Jobs presented the iPhone at the Macworld Conference & Expo held on January 9, 2007. The device will not go on sale until several months later, specifically on June 29, 2007. Stories about the original iPhone we have heard thousands, the presentation itself was made in a specific order so that the iPhone did not fail, and today we will bring you Some details that you may not know about the device that changed Apple completely.

An innovative activation process

IPhone purchased by users did not work when removed from the box, it was necessary to activate them through a novel process at that time. Now it can be done with internet connection, but then it was necessary to connect the iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.

Apple created a wireless headset for the iPhone, long before the AirPods

AirPods are now one of Apple's best known devices, but few know that they are not the first wireless headphones that Apple has created. Apple's Bluetooth headset was extremely compact, it came with a special base with a USB connector that allows users to pair it without problems and also charge it at the same time as the iPhone, even the iPhone was able to show the charge status of the headset and the correct battery level on the lock screen.

iPhone headset

Unable to send photos in messages

Now we send photos by WhatsApp, iMessage or AirDrop, but with the original iPhone it wasn't that simple. The original iPhone was not compatible with the MMS messages of the time, a compatibility that came along with the iPhone 3G released the following year.

The Maps application was developed along with Google, but the iPhone did not have GPS

Apple and Google got along very well at that time and designed a map application together that was included in the iPhone. This app used Google data at the search level and its own maps, however the iPhone did not incorporate GPS, so to locate on the map used telephone antennas.


The camera did not record video

The 2 megapixel camera on the original iPhone could get some pretty good photos for his time, but the iPhone hardware was not able to record videos. Apple will take another two years to include video recording on the iPhone, which did not appear until the iPhone 3GS arrived in 2009. Although it is true that the jailbreak community managed to bring the video recording to older iPhone models.

iPhone original camera

The App Store did not arrive until a year later

Now app stores are a very important part of the devices, however the original iPhone arrived without the possibility of using third-party software. The idea of ​​Apple was that the iPhone used web applications, but this did not finish working and the next year, along with the update to "iPhone Software 2.0", came the App Store and the possibility of using software developed by someone other than Apple .

The YouTube app was designed by Apple

The iPhone had the largest screen of almost any mobile phone of the time, something that made it perfect for watching videos, especially when turning it. Since there was no App Store, and YouTube was not optimized in any way to work in a mobile browser like the one on the iPhone, Apple decided to create its own YouTube application and include it in the iPhone. The application allows users to browse, search, view and share YouTube videos natively from their iPhone.

The original iPhone was a total change in many markets, not just the phone. It has been 13 years since its introduction and it still remains an example of how to change the world.