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Where to buy the iPhone 6S in Spain: Prices and more


It is well known that from Friday 9 the new flagship of Apple, the iPhone 6S is on sale in Iberian territory. The leader of Cupertino had already made it official, even specifying its prices (iPhone 6s 16GB, 749 euros; iPhone 6s 64GB, 859 euros; iPhone 6s 128GB, 969 euros; iPhone 6s Plus, 16GB 859 euros; iPhone 6s Plus 64GB, 969 euros; and iPhone 6s Plus 128GB, 1,079 euros).

Nevertheless, Also operators such as Vodafone, Orange and Movistar have signed up to market the famous smartphone of the Californian, offering attractive discounts to its customers and the possibility of acquiring it on credit, a question that for several users is a great opportunity. But like everything, it has its catch; and this is the case, as the fact of certain conditions, such as, that the offer applies with an associated rate plan and / or with minimal permanence.

But what better than to take a look at the proposals of each company.

Buy the iPhone 6S with Vodafone

The one directed by Antonio Coimbra, it has the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, in silver, space gray, gold or rose gold; the last color, only available for the Plus version. Your subscribers to the Red L rate can be made in cash – with the iPhone 6s (16GB) for 696 euros, iPhone 6s Plus (16GB) for 777.11, iPhone 6s Plus (64GB) for 872.94 and iPhone 6s Plus (128GB ) for 969, 06 euros. However, there are also possibilities of acquiring the Apple smartphone on credit with initial payments ranging from 0 euros.

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Buy the iPhone 6S in Orange

The orange operator has made several options available to acquire the iPhone 6s; among them, with a fee: version 16GB, 552 euros; 64GB, 648 euros; and 128GB, 744; while free and with the 16GB configuration, Apple's mobile phone comes out for 749 euros; with the 64GB for 859 euros and the 128GB for 969 euros.

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iPhone 6S with Movistar

With only 110 euros, it is possible to get the iPhone 6S in the Spanish multinational; That is, choosing to pay the terminal on credit with portability or with a new high. The terms, in 24 or 30 months.

As for prices and acquiring the iPhone 6s with the operator, they will be conditioned to the version as well as the rate chosen by the customer; while the iPhone 6s Plus, with the 16GB configuration, has a total subsidized cost of 774 euros; 64GB, 871.20 euros; and 128GB, 968 euros.

It is important to mention that for those who want to buy the iPhone 6s free, there are also options, as well as for customers who are looking for discounts with the operator through the Renew and Recycle plan.

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