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Unboxing the Galaxy S10 from the office! – Video

R in the other of the office another Pombo OK but we have already done so much call in recent days and San Juan launched so many devices. What a joy that looks, then, is not to lift the desk but we are going to do it right here.
Around two thousand companions you try to return the office a little or not, the telephone we are going to do the same five of surely Lavn is waiting because it is the galaxy S and it is the abassi the galaxy S is that I have it.
It is sealed. And I'm going to open the quartet right now to be.
La and we are going to.
His and we are going to because in this he always remains quite attached to the truth always sper complicated but hey it has been so difficult.
We no longer believe that the hand is why the first time he deserves the phone he called to take the phone out of the house.
As he deserves he is ten and as a color.
White as a white stream I thought that this color that comes here in the letters of DC ten of just the color of the phone but does not look much or not is better than I expected.
Cheat a little.
What we are going to connect we are going to see first to avoid for the pens that he loves about states.
And many have told me that it is not necessary to avoid the paper is ahead because technically a protector although it is possible to place another type of receiver that is recommended. Take it away today we will leave it.
Joe Hart also participated addicted to see what else comes in the box.
Well here we have the plug as always fast download. Nothing too new.
This is the connector that bring Sansn Helvtico Judge to disperse in the device in which you are speaking.
For now, we are paying attention to this device that comes in the telephone box and that basically so that you can, after the information from one cell phone to another, for example, I do it through the cable the sheep here too and now it will get better are the coffers declare in pretty pretty good I have taken another thing only three hours.
To the cable.
Let's see simply USB cable. Type if we connect to the charger basically.
The sheep here on one side I am going to take out the garbage that I am accumulating on this side but when I finish first with the headphones.
They are a coffee they live in the white color that good at the end of the day with the same color of the phone which I think is quite beautiful and they also bring.
Amount of ten in all est.
In this case, the earpads for the hearing aids are also not only the earphones but also on the phone.
So that the double speaker Post in a good sound when you are listening to music without using any type of headphones with which and the truth is that it is more beautiful and elegant and sleeps and walks here.
I had forgotten this since we have the quote key that you already know.
It is the key appointment for you can put in and take out the card without going to leave Carlos Granada here in the box so I will put it regulated and the woman who brings us this instruction manual what it is.
He says that he already brings us an amount of screen actor that I know that he has not withdrawn in Seville, he withdraws it, people commented negatively so I will not withdraw it.
That what we have of the guide of I believe that I had never read it in my life but it is important that we see it because always of some important details.
Well, basically a fairly extensive manual, not like the ones before but to attend a complete book, we have some way of how to use some of the most important functions. I have to confess it to those who never read the manual, let's see what else we have included here.
Well this not some recommendations tell us to arm us a sansn account here tells us how to make the transfer.
From all the information of a telephone we will see in case that the one that does by cable so can be done through the cloud and now I will quote opposite that so that they do not say ordered precedents.
What a good disaster are possible for us to see what we really want to see is the ten is in this beautiful color has triple camera. And as some asked me is tough. The water.
Ahead of course we have the screen here twenty we have not yet started device because it is new.
Here we have the new front camera in this case that is ten megapixels we have here the Nicaraguan port of Porsche and one of the speakers includes.
The device.
Put basically only box and galaxy S ten as I said before Lara of all the same rates.
The S box says the S ten box is basically similar as you can see.
Has the law basically has the money device on Sunday a clue but they are not highlighted as we saw before.
And I think that a little we don't understand that a lot of phone not only from my desk and only have this disaster but that they should already make a lot of smoke without and that they can see more like these Encinas diagonal dot.