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Filtered Samsung Galaxy Fold design: larger flexible screen

Samsung is still in the process of expanding its product range with flexible display. After relaunching Galaxy Fold, a new product with a flexible screen is expected and seems to arrive in tablet format.

Although it is difficult to differentiate a Galaxy Fold between mobile and tablet, because it becomes the two products, it seems that Samsung wants to bet on this type of screen that can be folded for a tablet. Although still no official name, it seems to take shape Galaxy Tab Fold for a future product that Samsung has patented.

The device in question is a tablet with all the letters. Like Galaxy Fold the screen bends inward, but it will have a much larger screen and lacks external screen.

Filtered the design of the Samsung Galaxy S11 (with cameras like the iPhone)

Samsung already commented on its global event for developers who are working on a new device whose screen is folded horizontally and inwards, such as the new Motorola razry so they announced it seemed more like a mobile, than a tablet.

Samsung can manufacture flexible screens. It has been showing prototypes for more than a decade. Although the problems of Galaxy Fold were more of construction and design than of the screen itself, it is clear that Samsung is not going to waste billions invested in its development.


This 10-inch tablet occupies half folded

This possible Galaxy Tab Fold seems to have a 10-inch interior screen. It is the standard size today for consumer tablets, but especially because it is a size interesting enough to watch video without leaving your eyes.

The decision to use a flexible screen seems focused on giving the tablet less volume when you want to transport it.

Folding it in half and taking into account its edges, it can become a slightly smaller product than an open Galaxy Fold.

It is impossible to know if Galaxy Tab Fold arrive in 2020 or later. It certainly seems an interesting product, but we must remember that flexible screens have a technological novelty rate, so if a folding mobile like Galaxy Fold already costs 2,000 euros, doubling its size may end up in a tablet that will cost between 3,500 and 4,000 euros.

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