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When a game does not work, it is most likely to be the fault of the mobile

Although Android games are tested on a large number of mobiles, it is likely that yours will not work. And the fault is not of the developer.

Fragmentation is one of the most serious problems in our system. Android accumulates fame, deserved, of have countless hardware models and software versions, something that turns the development of new applications into almost a torment. An app may work well in a mobile group, but that does not guarantee that it will do so conveniently in the rest.

Millions of devices in circulation that remain in operation, the whole range of prices, more than a thousand new smartphones that are released every year with Android… The numbers do not make it easy for developers. Especially in games, which is where the differences are most marked.

No game works the same on all phones

When a game does not work well the fault is usually your mobile

There are many styles in Android games. Casual, puzzles, action, MMOs … They can be more complicated or less, free, be plagued with in-app purchases … But they usually differ in two types: demanding graphics and those that do not need a high level of performance to work.

Even games with less graphic need can work on some mobiles and not on others, the happy fragmentation is to blame. There are ways to homogenize developments to ensure results, but It will never guarantee that a game works correctly in each and every Android. It may seem disrespectful or even a lack of respect on the part of the developers, but they are not to blame. At least not the majority.

The ball goes from one roof to the other. On the one hand Google does not do everything necessary for manufacturers to adapt to basic requirements with which to homogenize the experience. And on the other hand we have brands fighting to sell new mobiles instead of keeping those who have been in circulation for months alive.

Developing a quality game on Android is a headache

I do nothing but read the same complaints in the Google Play Store when I visit the chips of the games, especially in those where a mobile with some power is needed. Β«I put a star because my phone does not start itΒ». Or "It's crap, it always hangs." We can join all who complain because the games have lags, download frames or, directly, are unusable on their devices. Visit any game, you will see similar reviews.

I don't want to take the responsibility from the developers since they also have their share of guilt. Many of the games are released with bugs that usually usually resolved in the first days after launch, especially if the games are paid. There are exceptions, but it is not a generality.

Do I have the right to complain if a game doesn't work for me?

Developing a quality game on Android is a headache

Of course, there was more. If you download a game that theoretically should work, but you find that it does not end up going correctly, you have the right to protest. Google Play makes it easy for you, since in each tab you will have the option to communicate with the developer. Tell him what happens to you, why he gives you the error, what cell phone you have … But don't put a star in the store just because the game doesn't work well on your smartphone.

The ratings of the Android store, both the stars and the comments, are to make contributions on how the game is in general and if you recommend it, not to complain that it does not go as it should on your mobile. The developers have no obligation to test your creations on each smartphone, Android version, custom ROM… that exists in our system because that, in addition to impossible, would be tremendously expensive.

The best way to solve the problems with a game is to communicate it to the developer

Apart from informing the developer, you can always uninstall the game or, if it is paid, proceed with the return of the purchase within the next two hours. Even it is possible to request the return after that time, just contact Google and / or the developer indicating the problem. Reading comments with a star where a low-end mobile can not with games of high graphic load is too common in the Google Play Store. And it should be stopped.