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Samsung privately shows an extendable screen notebook »ERdC

Samsung privately shows an extendable screen notebook

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The CES 2020 fair has been an absolute hotbed for new interesting technologies in recent days. During this it seems that Samsung has something that they still don't want to reveal to the public. According to the Korean media reports, Samsung had a private stand at the expo and invited some officials to demonstrate a secret prototype of laptop or notebook with sliding or extensible screen.

Samsung secret notebook with extendable screen

Unfortunately, it seems that taking pictures at the session was not allowed. Therefore, all we have so far is what people who were invited to the stand have published. As far as we can tell, the product revealed was a laptop with a 13.3 inch screen. However, as mentioned above, The screen was extensible or sliding. When you swipe the screen to the right apparently it even became twice as big. We have seen a company patent That seems to align with this, although there are no specific details.

The reception towards this secret prototype seems to have been very positive Among those who were able to attend. According to the people who could officially witness and experience the device, it is about a very innovative change in the standard form factor of the laptop. Previous rumors had been heard that Samsung was going to show a sliding smart phone. However, we definitely did not expect the tech giant to show a conceptual product of this style.

Samsung has made surprise releases at CES before measuring interest. One of these is the Galaxy Fold, its first device with a folding screen. But this is the first time that the company does something really as secret as this. Nor is it so surprising why they can be doing so. This is about a concept brand new, and although the idea is simple enough to imagine it, it is understandable that Samsung does not want to reveal its method or design for fear that Imitations and copies begin to emerge.

What to be interesting from this moment This is exactly how this technology works. We can probably expect the device to become official soon enough, especially since it already seems acceptable for a final product. We will be aware of any updates related to Samsung's secret slider. For the time being, we just have to wait for more details to emerge, and maybe some “Spanish” photograph.

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