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Google bring call recording to your dialer app »ERdC

Google bring call recording to your dialer app

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The application of Google Phone It is the preinstalled dialer on Google Pixel phones. They also come in devices that are part of the Android One program and, more recently, Xiaomi phones sold in the global market. When Xiaomi announced that all its phones sold in Europe will come preinstalled with the Google Phone application, some users were disappointed because that it will mean losing the ability to record phone calls, a feature that is present in the MIUI marking application. Xiaomi promised that this function be ?Obtainable? in 2020. Now the first signs of Call recording support in the Google Phone application.

The Google Phone application receive call recording

The discovery comes from a developer in the forum XDA Developers. The version 43.0.289191107 of the Google Phone application reached its Pixel 4, and after decoding the resources, I discovered that Google add a new design, icon and other assets related to call recording in the bookmark application. The new code also reveals that there will be a button to start a recording during the incoming call.

Recording a phone call is a function that was previously possible in versions prior to Android 9 Pie. From this version, Google closed the alternative solutions that the developers used offer. Since Google has not provided an official call recording API from Android 6 Marshmallow, users must rely on manufacturers to have call recording support in their preinstalled phone applications.

The methods to record calls so far

Until now, Google has not offered an official way to record phone calls in the Google Phone application. The foregoing forces Pixel and Android One users to root their phones if they wish. While we know that Google is already working on call recording on a future version of Android, that means that users with an immediate need to record phone calls (for personal or commercial reasons) will have to find other means to do so.

The addition of code related to this function coincides with the recent announcement of Xiaomi. This leads us to believe that this function is intended for Xiaomi phones. However, there is nothing about this function that requires a Xiaomi phone. Therefore, Google should also be able to enable it. for Pixel and Android One users.

Despite the addition of these new resources to the Google Phone application, the call recording button for the incoming call has not yet appeared. You have to wait a little to know when to get this function.


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