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Use the hidden screen recorder on your Google Pixel

Google Pixel 4 XL in hand

In the first versions beta From Android 10 it was discovered that the new version of the system will introduce a utility to record the screen of our device natively, without the need to install one of the many apps to record the screen that exist on Android. However, with the arrival of the final edition of Android 10, we are disappointed to discover that, finally, this function was not available.

But the truth is that Google does not seem to have thrown in the towel in relation to the development of this utility, which will come with a future update. As reported from 9to5Google, The app to record the Android 10 screen is available, although hidden, on those devices that are already running the new version of Android, as long as they have received the Android security update corresponding to the month of January 2020.

Record the screen of your Pixel (and other phones with Android 10) without installing anything

Record screen in Q

What do you need

Note: Some users have confirmed that this utility also works on other phones beyond Pixel. It is probably possible to use this feature on Android 10 devices and the January security patch, as long as the manufacturer in question has not decided to remove it from the software of their terminals.

First of all, it is necessary to mention that if this function remains hidden, it is for a good reason. And is that currently, the included screen recorder is under development, and may show some malfunctions. However, it usually seems to be usable and offers the expected result.

Having said that, to activate the screen recorder included in Android 10, you just have to connect the mobile to the computer with a USB cable, and from a command window, execute the following instruction:

adb shell settings put global settings_screenrecord_long_press true

Now for access the recording utility, it is necessary to press and hold the on / off button of the terminal, and then perform a long press on the “Screen capture” icon.

Despite being in development, the tool already includes interesting options such as the possibility of record the audio through the device's microphone, or show the touches on the screen. To finish the screenshot, just display the notification panel and press the corresponding button to stop recording.

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