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how to create your own version easily

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At the beginning of September 2019, Spotify decided it was better to do without the widget for Android devices. As expected, this initiative did not content users who used such a tool, as they lose the comfort of controlling Spotify playback from the home screen.

Shortly after, the streaming platform brought back the requested widget, although it is possible that it is still unavailable on your Android. To solve the problem, and as explained from XDA Developers, there are two options that allow you to create your own Spotify widget.

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Widget for Spotify: how to create your own version

Using the SpotWidget app

After the surprise that the Spotify widget for Android disappeared, the developer Jagan2, from XDA Developers, was responsible for creating a quick solution to the problem: SpotWidget. That is the name of the application, available in the Play Store, that you lets add the Spotify widget again to the home screen of your device.

After installing the app, it will show you a warning to explain that it is an experimental app that may not work in the future. In addition, it advises you to pay for the premium version to enjoy a better experience. However, if you want a simple widget, we already advance that that investment is not necessary.

Once I read the notice, it's time to go to the home screen to add the widget. Press and hold anywhere on the screen and select the "Widget" option to then search “SpotWidget”. Press and hold to choose where on the home screen you are going to install it.

Create Spotify widget with SpotWidget

Finally, you only have to choose which of the four available designs you want to use. As the crossed out dollar that accompanies the first of them indicates, that's the only free widget of Spotwidget. If you want to use any of the other three, you will have to pay 1.09 for each one. After choosing the design, the widget is ready.

You must not do anything else to control the playback of Spotify from that bar located on the home screen of your Android, a very useful element for when, for example, you are in the gym listening to the best Playlists of Spotify to train and you can not spend too much time handling the app .

Using the Tasker and KWGT apps

If you have already used the Tasker app in the past, you can save the 3.59 that is worth installing from the Play Store. If you don't have her, you must download both Tasker and Kustom Widget Maker (KWMT) to be able to use this method and add the Spotify widget.

After installing both applications, you must import the project created by the developer Joaomgcd from this link, as explained in the tutorial. After importing the file, go to the home screen and press and hold at any point to access the Widget section.

Within this menu, select the option “KWGT 4 × 1” and place the widget in the area of ​​the screen you want. Then, tap on it to enter the KWGT app, go to the “Exported” section and click on the Music Control widget, which is what you imported at the beginning. At the bottom, you can choose the elements, size and other characteristics of the music control bar that you are going to add.