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Facebook works on its own operating system to avoid dependence

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The equation seems simple Facebook You don't want your augmented reality lenses and other future developments to be at the mercy of Android and therefore Google. So you have to create your own operating system, as you will be doing from the data of the web of The Information.

The company run by Mark Zuckerberg, as explained by his vice president of hardware, Andrew Boz Bosworth, what he seeks is to have his own space for the near future, in terms of hardware.


The net
social has been direct in its intentions, because as it has expressed
Bosworth: “We really want to make sure that the next generation
Have space for us. We do not believe that we can trust the market or
the competition to ensure that that is the case. And so we will do it
themselves. ”

As stated, in addition to avoiding problems due to possible breaches of agreements, this new operating system will also have among its objectives to achieve a better interaction between its applications (Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram) and in principle it would favor the preservation of the data privacy of the users that so many problems have brought to the platform.

to this, according to the media, the social network has hired Mark Lucovsky, one of the
Microsoft Windows NT co-authors
to fill the position of General Manager of Operating Systems and that will be the
responsible for this project that starts from scratch.

It is not
the first time

The idea
of an own operating system is not new to Facebook, because in 2013, when
implement something similar with a
smartphone that had HTC hardware, but that didn't work with
users and was discarded.

that this time and seen the growth of platforms and
Californian company projects, it seems to be a very serious bet
so as not to depend on its competitors.