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Download the OT 2020 app and vote for free to save the contestants

Operation Triunfo opens its eleventh edition after the success achieved in its last seasons, and as they have been betting since 2017, the digital approach to talent remains one of the fundamental pillars of the program. So, this year we can again download the OT 2020 app to consume much of the content related to the contest in addition to issuing the vote to save the participants Nominees every week.

Following in the wake of OT 2017 and OT 2018, this time the app will be one of the most indispensable in any mobile or tablet of the most acrimonious followers of the Gestmusic and RTVE program, which we can access by logging in with a Google account or Facebook, after a verification by phone number to avoid duplicate accounts.

Vote free every day to the nominated contestants and also to the favorite with the OT 2020 app

One of the main reasons that leads us to download the OT 2020 app is to save the nominated contestants, since through it we can cast a free daily vote; additionally, it is also possible to send the SMS (for a fee) or make the call (for a fee), which we can use without limit.

Also, we have the opportunity tovote for the rest of the participants to be the favorites of the week, also for free. Recall that in OT 2020 the favorites will not be immune to the nomination, although they will have some benefits such as the possibility of choosing song for the next gala, deciding whether to sing solo or do, etc …

download app ot 2020 operation triumph

Another of the most outstanding features are the ads, because we will receive a notification when the voting period opens and is about to close, in addition to others that contain relevant information about the program.

Then, the OT 2020 app has a news feed composed of the official Twitter profile of the contest and RTVE contents related to the program, with the aim that the followers can quickly inform themselves from the same platform.

And, as in previous deliveries, we can download the OT 2020 app for free for both Android and iPhone devices.

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Moreover, if you have already installed the OT 2018 or OT 2017 app on your mobile you will simply have to update it in the Google Play or the App Store to use it again this year.

Operation Triunfo 2020 launches a command for Google Assistant

How to activate OK Google on your smartphone or tablet step by step

As we said at the beginning of the entry, the commitment to digital has been one of the keys for the format to sweep the public. Now, along with this new edition, the OT brand sneaks into the Google Assistant with which we will obtain a summary of the day lived in the day of the academy.

More specifically, giving the command OK Google, I want to talk to the OT academyWe will receive up to three summaries (morning, afternoon and evening) recorded by Mart. In addition we can also consult other curiosities such as the menu of the day or the schedule of the classes.

Google Assistant is available for free for both Android and iPhone.