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Will we see Staxx in Karmaland 4? We analyze this possibility

There is no doubt that this season of Karmaland It is being the most successful of all. All videos accumulate hundreds of thousands of views, and most exceed one million. Come on, it is a machine to make money for everyone. But today we want to try to find out if There is a possibility that we will see Staxx in Karmaland 4.

We assume that if you have come here, you know what this Minecraft series is about. It was created by Vegetta many years ago and it helps us to see youtubers interact on the same server. The truth is that all videos are very entertaining and Seeing them cooperate, and also fucking, is quite funny.

Staxx is not among the youtubers participating in this Karmaland season

The main novelty of this edition is the arrival of new players. Mainly we have Rubius, Lolito and Auronplay which are the ones that are playing the most. There are also other names that have joined this season How Alexby, Mangel or the return of Luzu.

How do you all know, There is no trace of Staxx in Karmaland. This youtuber had participated in the other seasons and was a regular of Willyrex videos in Minecraft. In fact, the fight between these two streamers is the reason why Staxx has been left out of this edition.

Staxx in Karmaland 4

Several months ago that Willy and Fran have starred in the most famous culebrn of all YouTube. The reason for the disagreement is not known exactly but it has undoubtedly led to their friendship being broken. In fact both have been asked in their live and None have wanted to release a garment.

The truth is that, we who have been following the subject for some time, have the feeling that Willyrex is more hurt than Staxx. We believe that if Fran were the thing it would be solved but it is an intuition rather than a certainty. The truth is that in a live Lolito with Fargan, Staxx entered the room of the malagueo and interacted with Fargan. This has been for now the only appearance of this Youtube on the island.

We would love for Staxx to enter Karmaland 4

We fully understand that in this world of youtubers, as in everyone in life, there are always problems. But if they managed to overcome them and add Staxx to Karmaland, the thing would be spectacular. The visits will multiply and the videos will become part of the mythology youtubera espaola without a doubt.

Staxx in Karmaland 4

But the truth is that We don't have high hopes for it. As you know Vegetta, the creator and owner (so to speak) of Karmaland is ua and meat with Willyrex. Without the consent of your good friend It is impossible for Fran to be invited to this server.

What do you think? Would you like them to add new Youtubers or celebrities? To us s. We are afraid that this Karmaland season will end up in the monotone. We, considering that Staxx is not going to enter, We propose that you invite Ibai Llanos. It’s not cool? We want to know your opinion, leave us a comment!