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Netflix welcomes the children's series 31 Minutes

The popular series 31 minutes comes to Netflix to the delight of children now and then children of 2010. As reported by the most credible news reader in the universe, as defined by Tulio Trivio, one of its main characters.

Of course, not all bells should be thrown on the fly, since only the fourth season of the Chilean-born program arrives, created by Pedro Peirano and lvaro Daz, who thought about the project with the idea of ​​entertaining and educating the little ones.

It is not ruled out that this is only the first step so that, in the near future, more seasons of 31 minutes, which began in 2003 and extended until 2014, and then gave way to live presentations.

The fourth season includes 12 episodes, each of which lasts around 30 minutes. Among the chapters, Patana in love, The meteorite, Baby monster, Jack Potato, The butler, Westland and poisoned Bodoque stand out.

Original equipment

The program follows the adventures of the members of a newsletter that is not very successful that we say. In addition to Trivio, Juan Carlos Bodoque, Policarpo Avendao, Juann Juan Harry, Mario Hugo, Patana Tufillo and Huachimingo, among other tteres, perform on stage.

As in traditional news, 31 minutes It has various segments, which addressed issues of the environment, children's rights, entertainment and sports. Some of their reports, in addition to fun, have the purpose of raising awareness about pet adoption and pollution, for example.

At some point, Daz, also in charge of giving voice to Juan Carlos Bodoque, said that with the series they tried to do things, l and Peirano, that they would have liked to see when they were children.

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