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Klee and her dizzying casual games like a great platform

Klee comes to our hands like a great casual content in a small box which will be where you wander jumping, killing and avoiding enemies. A new beta title for our mobile and that from the minute one is screaming for us to play it.

And it's such that after that minute we will realize that the vertiginous of its movements and the speed of the games is one of its greatest characteristics. What makes it a very dynamic game and one gets used to moving that protagonist who has very fast movements.

Klee and her great rhythm


On a platform the pace is very fundamental. The movement that we print to the protagonist who jumps, shoot and avoid enemy shots is more than important for us to go past one level after another and realize that we are facing a game very well designed from its base.

Maybe your graphics are not the best, but in terms of pixel art are more than enough so that we can applaud how well the animations and movements of our protagonist are carried out.

Our odyssey depends on the defeat of monsters with energy anomalies and recover, in passing, the energy nuclei to solve the intergalactic energy crisis. What a mission the boys or the boy from Noice2D Game Studio have put us.

The softness of the animation and its jumps in Klee


Already known our mission, we can put ourselves at the controls and control of our protagonist which we drive with direction buttons and two other buttons for jumping and changing weapons. Our protagonist can "grab" the walls to propel himself and use the double jump to go even further.

The shooting is done automatically and practically we have to go to the right place to generate those shots that will eliminate a great variety of energy monstrosities that we will find in those cube-shaped rooms. They are square shapes to which we will get used to move through them with the speed of the devil.

How could it be otherwise, and it happens in other casuals like Squish Machine, we can get extra skills to increase shooting speed, the radius of effect or other effects. At the same time we have the possibility of changing the character for others and each of them with its unique accessory.

Infinite mode or by chapters, you decide


Even Klee offers us the possibility of enjoy two modes. The normal and with its levels, and the infinite in which we will not stop jumping, shooting and avoiding enemy shots. In the chapter the truth, that when you get the point, you will begin to pass quickly. And this is one of the greatest virtues, since you can take such a skill level with our protagonist, that you enjoy the beautiful thing by jumping and passing those levels.

Technically it is a game that emphasizes the dynamism of the games and that movement of the protagonist who gets to coax at least painted. The effect of inertia when we move is very well achieved and the fact of moving and jumping with prota arouses very good feelings. We recommend you try it, because Klee is the typical game that you can always have installed and go to it when you want quick games. A game that is a tiny work of art of casuals.