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How to activate the dark mode of WhatsApp (beta) on Android

After many months of small clues within the app code, finally the most impatient can already try the dark whatsapp theme in the last beta published for Android. Thus, one of the main apps of our smartphones finally adapts to that night mode that so many users prefer at high hours, and that many other applications have already incorporated for some time.

As we said before, at the moment we can only activate it in the last version of WhatsApp tests for Android, so if you are not part of the beta-tester program you will not see this option (at least, still, until the company includes it in the public version). Below we show you how you can enroll in this program.

Activate WhatsApp dark mode for Android now

whatsapp beta android dark mode

  1. Go into WhatsApp beta and update the app, here you can see how to do it. Otherwise, you can also download and install this APK.
  2. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings
  3. Access the section Chats and play on Topic.
  4. Choose Dark and play on okay to confirm the change.

At the moment you see that the app changes light colors to dark, replacing white with black tones.

whatsapp dark mode android beta

That's right, the colors are not pure blacks like the ones that recently included Twitter, but rather throw a bluish tone. Recall that many users prefer the real black color as this helps the smartphones with screen AMOLED Save battery.

On the other hand, depending on the version of your Android you may find different options when selecting the dark mode of WhatsApp, being able to establish that the interface goes into night mode when the entire system also does.

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The fact that the WhatsApp beta already has the dark mode will mean that this function will already be very close to reaching all users, predictably also those of iPhone.

Other apps that also have dark mode and maybe you didn't know

As we said before, there are already several apps that have a dark mode so that our vision does not suffer when we use the smartphone at night or in environments with low ambient light.

Among the most popular are:

  • Google Chrome, that although it only adapts its interface we can also force it to do so on the web pages (the latter also valid for Brave).
  • Twitter, with dark and pure black mode, as we indicated above.
  • Google Wallpapers; some change tone when the system enters dark mode.
  • Instagram, which activates it automatically when the system also does it.
  • Youtube, of the first to adapt it.
  • Telegram, another of the first to give us joy.
  • Chrome for PC; A small tutorial with unofficial methods of our harvest to convert web pages to dark mode.

We hope that little by little all the great apps (and the small ones) will include a dark way with which to make it easy for users, as the flash that we receive when moving to an app with a white interface after browsing between dark applications should already be a thing of the past.