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Google Podcast will also have a dark mode

Google Podcast

Throughout this year, there have been many applications that Google offers us through the Play Store that have been updated to show a dark design. Regrettably, the background black color is not used, but a dark gray, so the advantages in terminals with OLED screens are nonexistent.

The next application that will receive the dark mode is Google Podcast, the application with which Google is trying to gaining a foothold in the increasingly growing podcast market. The Mountain View guys have just released a new beta of the next version, beta that already includes the dark mode.

This dark mode, replace the classic white background with the dark gray. Unlike other applications, where the black / dark gray of the letters is replaced by white, Google has wanted to give a color note to this mode and uses light blue to highlight the playback buttons, something that certainly is of Thank you as it allows us to find them quickly.

The dark theme is available in all sections of the application, from the home page, to the playback page through the search box and the podcast list to which we are subscribed in addition to the notes.

Like most Google applications that are compatible with dark mode, This adapts automatically as we have configured the system. So if we activate the dark mode, when accessing Google Podcast, it will show us the interface adapts without having to do anything to activate it.

At the moment this beta does not allow us to manually enable or disable this mode, but it is likely to do so in the final version or in the next update you receive the beta. If you want to be among the first to try this dark mode, you can download the beta from APK Mirror.