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Fortnite Week 4, Season 9: dance in Tomatoide holograms, and others

Week four of challenges pertaining to season nine ofFortnite They are already available, and the biggest obstacle of the week entrusts you with a particular task: dance in Tomatoide, Hamburger, and giant pie heads. This is a goal divided into several stages, one of the favorites of the audience of the Battle Royale video game, and as usual we will first see all the challenges available for the week.

Week 4 of season 9 challenges

fortnite week 4 season 9 dances in holograms between 1

You can find all the challenges available this week in the capture above. There are a total of seven, three of them available to all players and four being exclusive to those who have the battle pass. The challenge of dancing in holograms is among the first three.

Tips for the challenge dance in holograms

fortnite week 4 season 9 dances in holograms between 2

As we mentioned earlier, it is a multi-stage challenge, a total of three in this case. This means that you will not be able to see the next one until you have not only completed the first stage, but also left the game in progress.

We recommend doing it through Team Rumble mode, so you have more time to do it, more teammates to help you, and fewer enemies to worry about. Oh, and of course, the possibility of resurrection if you fall into battle. Since you only have to do one thing per game, completing the challenge in its entirety requires that you make three games.

Which is great, since you only have to make sure you fall into the location closest to the Tomatoid and the other heads. If you want extra help, we recommend that you activate the Party Assist so that both you and your teammates can complete this together.

Dance in holograms: Tomatoide location

fortnite week 4 season 9 dances in holograms between 3

On your first jump in a new game, head towards the middle of the Mega Mall. The holographic head is at the top of the mall, so you must climb the stairs to the roof area, or simply assemble a ramp to climb . When you arrive, you want to look for the tomato head on the east side of the roof, as our capture above shows.

Keep in mind that you must dance inside the holographic tomato head to complete this first part of the challenge. If you do it in front or to the side, do not count for it. Unfortunately it is floating above the ground, so you must build a ramp until you are inside to perform your dance. If you have followed the steps correctly, a notification will appear in the upper left corner.

Dance in holograms: location of Hamburrrrguesa

fortnite week 4 season 9 dances in holograms between

Once you have completed the first part of this challenge, you should leave the game or just finish it. Either way, when you leave you will receive the notification that the second part is already available. This time, dance inside the Hamburger, or "Durr Burger" in English.

Head towards Neo Tilted, another of the new areas of season nine. The exact location of the giant hamburger is at the southern end of the place. It is on top of one of the tallest buildings in the city.

Again you must build to reach your destination, or climb the building. Once there, dance inside and see the corresponding notification on your screen.

Dance in holograms: giant empanada head location

fortnite week 4 season 9 dances in holograms between 5

This last part takes you to dance inside a giant dumpling head. Remember to leave or finish the previous game, and once you have the third stage available, enter a new game and, this time, try to land as close to Lucky Landing as possible.

At the northwest end of the city, there is a building with a giant pie head on top. What makes the difference between the previous two is that it is a solid object, and not a hologram. You will have to land on top or create something to climb, again. When dancing in the area, the game will notify you that you completed the challenge.

Dance in holograms: rewards

fortnite week 4 season 9 dances in holograms between 1

Just as the challenge is shaped, the reward is divided into three parts. The first stage will give you a Battle Star, while the second and third will give two each for a total of five.