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Expert denounces Twitter for its tolerance to pedophilia

The sexual desires and social inclusion of pedophiles have been prioritized by Twitter over the safety of children on the platform or in the community. ” This was stated by the criminologist and coordinator of the specialized site Organized Abuse, the Australian academic Michael Salter.

In a Twitter thread that collected media such as The Next Web, I remember that in 2019 the social network stealthily changed its terms of service, allowing the discussion about the attraction to minors with the condition that they do not promote or glorify the child sexual exploitation of no way".

This change was continued by forensic psychiatrists who treat “people attracted to minors” who sought to open a forum for their patients to discuss, without prior consultation with experts in child protection and prevention of abuse, who would never have supported this change.

In the last year, networks of pedophiles on Twitter have exploded, including users who support offensive contact, justify the material of child sexual abuse and demand access to grimaces of childlike appearance, protest.

Salter said that he should denounce a user who claimed to be attracted to children, advocates for crimes against minors and has an image of him with a child in his biography.

I do not trust at all that Twitter take action against this user and much less send their data to the authorities. () Meanwhile, the Twitter Product Manager has backed the encryption of the direct message feature, he said.

The expert added an open question in publication: What else could Twitter do to make its platform easier to use for pedophiles?

Finally, I denounced that for more than 20 years, technology companies have buried their heads in the sand when it comes to online pedophilia. Pedophiles need early intervention, treatment and support for behavior change. They do not need a public forum to discuss their sexual attraction for children.

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