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Twitter app failed, problems after updating

Apparently some Android users that have updated the application this morning to its new version 8.28.0 (stable) have experienced these failures when you start the app after updating and have reported to check if it was a fault of the user's own smartphone or the problem, as is likely, is linked to the new update.

Twitter speaks about it

Twitter has pronounced about it to keep the calm between users, and has release who is aware of the problem and thatwe don't update the application until they get find out what has been the failure causing problems with the new updated version of your app.

Disable automatic updates from the Play Store

If you do not already have this latest version of Twitter installed, it is probably recommended that don't update for the moment, so if you have activated automatic updates of the applications in the Play Store you should disable Twitter temporarily to prevent the application from being unusable for as long as the error lasts.

To do this, go to the application listing page in the Google store, then touch the three-point menu in the upper right corner and deselect the element enable automatic update. With this we anticipate the error and anticipate not having the app during the whole day.

However, if you are already in the updated version 8.28 you will have more complications to make it work again. You may wait for Twitter to fix the problem, since it should not take too long, but if you need to use the application, go to the settings of the application and delete both the data and the cache memory of the app. In this way the application should return to its initial state and run smoothly. The last solution will be to uninstall the current updated application, and install an older version of it to solve the problem by reversing the update.

In any case, this specific failure must be solved quickly and without further delay, so we will be waiting for Twitter to make the corresponding announcement announcing the problem solved.