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this is what we expect

WhatsApp is the most used messenger service in the world, now taking advantage that we have just started a new year or see what news awaits us on WhatsApp throughout 2020.

WhatsApp is a messenger service that It has evolved a lot since its inception. 2020 is a year in which we will see several new integrations in the service, among them it is possible that the worst news was found for users who have used the service for a long time such as the advertising.

WhatsApp has started 2020 by eliminating support for old phones, whose users represented a small number compared to the rest, but this is a change for the better since the newer our smartphone the better it will work at a general level and it is possible to venture to introduce news incompatible with certain versions of the operating system both Android and iOS.

Messages that destroy themselves

Image - WhatsApp 2020 news: this is what we expect

One of the main novelties will be related to precisely the messages, with the arrival of this novelty we can determine the time we want a message to be available, so that WhatsApp self-destruct the message and can be consulted only in a limited way.

The arrival of these messages may make a lot of sense in groups in which only the administrator of this can send them. We do not know when they will arrive but what is very likely is that we will see them throughout this year. The interval we count to self-destruct messages oscillate between 1 hour and a year.

Add contacts through QR

Image - WhatsApp 2020 news: this is what we expect

The QR codes they are the easiest way to get and transfer a small information such as a WiFi network or even our phone number. Although it is true that some manufacturers already include in their customization layer the option of share a contact Through a QR code, WhatsApp can include it throughout 2020.

This initiative was started by Snapchat a long time ago, so we are not facing a really new function, although in this social network it was very useful especially when it comes to meeting new people at a party without having to search for their username or in this case, Write down your phone number.

We must keep in mind that for scan the QR code of the person, we must meet physically in the same place.

Fight against fake news

Image - WhatsApp 2020 news: this is what we expect

When opening Instagram or WhatsApp we will have noticed that now it appears the Facebook logo at the bottom, that is why, so Facebook is in the process of unify functions so that each one of them is in all the services, even being social networks with different uses.

However, Instagram is a social network that has begun to fight fake news or fake news through its application. It does not delete the content, but to display the fake news on Instagram before a warning appears that it is false information.

WhatsApp is probably the social network through which more fake news is shared, so WhatsApp plans will include the analysis of images and documents to fight them, although we will see how they carry it out to what User privacy is not compromised.

Integrated browser

Every time we receive a link from a website, WhatsApp opens a browser by default, So it does not have any type of own browser included in the application.

As we see, WhatsApp is struggling to be an increasingly complete service so as not to have to depend on any other app as will be the case of the browser. These types of browsers are already available in the occasional application such as Telegram.

Play audios without opening the app

Image - WhatsApp 2020 news: this is what we expect

The audios are one of the most important methods when talking on WhatsApp since There are many users who use them almost constantly. WhatsApp a while ago and included the ability to view an image without entering the chat but through the notification bar.