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Samsung used an Apple logo for its presentation of CES 2020

Face ID

Something we thought belonged to the past has happened again. That Samsung has copied many things to Apple throughout these years is something we all know and at some point he has gone out to talk. With the launch of the iPhone 4, Samsung took a somewhat risky strategy with the idea of ??copying as much as possible to Apple in what products it was. A few years and trials later and a few million as a fine to Samsung later, when we already thought that these things will not happen again, have happened.

It has been in this present CES of Las Vegas, in the presentation of what Samsung has called Samsung Pass (a function very similar to the Sign in with Apple) when it has become known as the Korean company neither long nor lazy has made the decision using the same logo that Apple uses for the Face ID for its security system.

Samsung Pass

Source: Samsung

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Users have not been slow to echo this appropriation. And is that it's hard to understand how this could happen again, and more in such a shameless way. Today both companies have their own signs of identity, and each row in one direction as far as product design and style are concerned. Why then has Samsung fallen into this?

They have little to hide the company of the Galaxy, since the closest excuse that can occur to us will be some similar to the one that Xiaomi said in his days talking about how similar their designers are with those of Apple. The most curious thing is besides that so far Samsung had its own logos for face unlock and fingerprint and it was totally unnecessary to fall into this plagiarism at this point, being a brand more than consolidated.

Finish this in a new litigation between Apple and Samsung? We will see what measures they take from Cupertino before this scandal and what they mean for Samsung and its new Samsung Pass.