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Instagram adds a panel for influencers but forbids certain posts

Important novelty that prepares Instagram, soon influencers will have their own panel to manage their brand staff and their publications, but with reference to the latter there are restrictions because you are prohibited from posting specific posts.

This will mean a Authentic change on Instagram For those users who use this social network as a way of life, because there are a lot of influencers who work with different brands and so far there was no specific tool for this public.

We know this after knowing that Instagram will soon hide the likes, which can be detrimental precisely for influencers because brands will no longer have the possibility of knowing the real reach of these users, something that will solve this panel.

Some things are known about this panel for influencers, serve as a control center for brands and influencers in order to manage your profile, access different metrics and share them with brands and even find possible brands to work with.

In the filtered image you can see a complete panel with all this information mentioned, that is, a main section and then several sections of statistics, list of other content creators, search, projects, sponsors and a configuration only section.

Image - Instagram adds a panel for influencers but prohibits certain posts

In his panel, the influencer You can filter advertising publications only and see with great detail the public that visits your profile and publications, among many other things. Of course, it will be an important change that still has no official release date.

With respect to the brands, it is possible that with the appearance of this panel there is some type of adjustment of the influencer that allows the brand with which it works to access to see all the metrics they need, which is a relevant advance, because now Everything is basically limited to sending captures and it was not all as professional as it claims to be in the future.

Of the publications that influencers could make there will also be restrictions, because Instagram does not allow advertising articles related to bad habits health, specifically, tobacco posts, weapons and vapers will be prohibited.

Likewise, the restrictions will be extended to other productsFor example, dietary products or even alcohol. Anyway, these are probably not the only topics that are banned, surely Instagram will soon add some more.

What is clear is that Instagram Know what influencers are a very important public of users in the social network and hence that intends to launch news as important as this panel so that the user can manage their brand perfectly with companies.

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