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A rumor points to a Mac 2020 designed for gaming

Apple Arcade

Apple has always been characterized by giving a more professional profile to their computers in spite of the fact that there is a range for almost any type of consumer. I say almost because if there is a land in which so far he has not dabbled it has been in that of video games, and that is an aspect in which MacOS lags behind Windows.

All this could change if the rumors leaked by the PatentlyApple portal were confirmed, and Apple was planning to complete its range with a computer dedicated to video games. These rumors come mainly from its component suppliers, who expect to make a good case in the event that a new team focused on the game is announced.

Apple Arcade

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Apple Arcade as a trigger

Until the launch of Arcade, for Apple video games have always seemed secondary in their teams. The company of the bitten apple has always focused on the professional use of its computers over entertainment. But this changed this past September when I launched the Apple Arcade service, which could be a groundbreaking for what is to come.

A second All-in-one team is also on its way

It is not specified if it was a laptop or a desktop computer, but together with the filtering of the rumor of a new computer dedicated to the game a new device with large screen is also mentioned. This could be a new iMac or a Macbook focused on the game as well (due to the fact that it has a larger screen than usual) but as we indicated about this, no more details are included.

These teams being announced are speculated to be in the next WWDC, in 2020.

Apple Arcade

The ban will open to larger productions

At the moment Apple Arcade is focused more on an occasional game than professional, and to date Apple has a rather limited catalog compared to the games available for Windows. However, it could be that with the launch of Arcade as an approach platform, along with a range of β€œgaming” computers, they were the starting gun so that more titles were produced for MacOS also. We will see what 2020 holds for us, and if these rumors end up being true, which will please many Apple users.