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What is the use of walking with your Pokmon in Pokmon Go and how to do it

What is the use of walking with your Pokemon in Pokemon Go and how to do it

Vicious to the Pokmon Go? How not to be, if the December Pokmon Go Community Day was filled with a lot of incredible Pokmon. Well, now watch out, because the new function of Pokmon Go will surprise you, and that isYou can walk with your favorite Pokmon, so stay and discover how to do it.

Best of all, is that You can interact with your Pokmon in Augmented Reality mode (RA +), something really special. This is the first time something like this has been implemented in Pokmon Go, however in Pokmon games for portable Nintendo consoles they had already tried something similar.

Everything you need to know about walking alongside the Pokmon in Pokmon Go

The first thing you should know is that this new virtual reality mode be available from 2020, so you won't have to wait long because January is just around the corner.

Now, with this new function you can strengthen the link with your Pokmon or, in other words, improve your relationship with him. How is this possible? Well you will know the mood of your Pokmon and you can increase it, for this debers:

  • Feed it with berries
  • To play with L.
  • Fight next to.
  • To explore the map with l.

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To start your relationship with your Pokmon and so that he can walk with you, you should give him berries. Once you have done this you can increase thefriendship levels:

  • Good partner: Your Pokmon will join you and you will be able to see it in the map view, as well as see its mood in the partner profile page.
  • Super partner: Your Pokmon will help you catch other Pokmon. Also, pick up objects from the ground.
  • Ultra companion: Your Pokmon will inform you of important places that are close to you. It will also bring you memories that you can see on the partner profile page.
  • Best partner: Your Pokmon wear a better companion tape to show the other coaches that you and your Pokmon had a wonderful time. Pokmon in this level can get a PC enhancer in battles.

Rewards of having a Pokmon as your best partner

Once you have reached the maximum level of mood, You can unlock a series of rewards that will benefit you throughout the game:

  • The distance to find Candies is reduced by half.
  • The amount of hearts won now is double.
  • You can win hearts bonus.

In order to see the progress of the Pokmon partner, you should enter the profile page, once there you can see the current mood, as well as a chart of daily missions to do to increase the level of affection Between both.

Even also you will be allowed to see the history of other Pokmon That have been your companions before. From Androidphoria we think that this is a great step for Niantic and Pokmon Go, so we recommend you to play enough to have that Pokmon caught with who you want to have a special adventure.

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