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The new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may have a glass screen and this is what we know

The year 2019 was characterized by having been part of the arrival of folding smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X. However, both proposals had to be postponed due to technical situations.

Now, it seems that Samsung You have better plans for the next generation of your flexible smartphone. In fact, according to rumors, the company may bring two different formats: one on the work of the first version and another smaller.

Besides that, those new devices Galaxy Fold (if they continue under that name) they will jump from plastic to glass. In accordance with Ice universe, a filter that enjoys credibility, the new flexible phone of Samsung use ultra-thin glass to replace plastic materials.

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These changes in materials and design, will avoid that mark or "wrinkle" we saw in the first version of the device when it is extended.

The companies that were encouraged to sell such devices suffered more than a headache, but everything worked as an experiment to improve and optimize the functions of a new generation.

The reason why Samsung I chose plastic in your Galaxy Fold It is simple: it is the only material that, in theory, does not break when bending, but the glass will be ultra-thin so that precisely that does not happen.

On the other hand, according to the prototype shown by Ice Universe, this device will be vertical, similar to the operation of the new Moto Razr.

The first real photos of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 are published

If all goes well, this smartphone will be announced in 2020 and will arrive within the same period as the Samsung Galaxy S11 / S20.

For now, the details we have remain in speculation, so we can only confirm this when Samsung Decide to do it officially.

How would you like it to be Samsung's new folding device?