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the first mobile with cameras that disappear

OnePLus Concept One

For years we have seen that manufacturers present conceptual phones that promise a lot, but they are so strange that no one will want to have them. In fact, many of them don't even go on sale for this kind of thing. But its technology evolves, and then include it in other devices that do reach the market.

Today we talk about the future of cameras for 2020, and in that post we mentioned that this will be the year of hidden cameras in mobile phones. Just a few hours later, we have succeeded with this prediction. OnePlus presented the Concept One, the world's first mobile with cameras that disappear. And no, they are not retractable.

OnePlus Concept One, the magic of electrochromic glass

The Chinese manufacturer, who recently turned six, remains committed to the task of innovating and launching mobile phones that give much to talk about thanks to its characteristics. And precisely this is what happens with the OnePlus Concept One.

Thanks to the use of electrochromic crystal, the three rear cameras of the mobile could be completely hidden, as if they did not exist. This is due to the physical capabilities of this type of glass, which by means of electric pulsations can become opaque or transparent according to what is required.

Electrochromic glass is not something new in the world, since it has already been used in luxury airplanes and hotels for several years. OnePlus ensures that its glass is the most transparent that can be found in the market today, and promises that it will not affect the camera module at all. Change from opaque to transparent in just 0.7 seconds.

Variable neutral density, an ally for brightly lit environments

OnePlus Concept One hidden cameras "width =" 1200 "height =" 600

Another of the benefits that OnePlus highlights on its electrochromic crystal is its ability to serve as neutral density filter (ND filter). The manufacturer ensures that it can reach up to ND8 with this glass, which translates into reduce up to 8 times the amount of light that enters the lens, without modifying the chromatic quality of the image.

In other words, this allow us to do photographs with a much longer exposure, as well as with greater opening of the diaphragm, in very bright situations. This type of filter can be purchased separately, and prevents burning of photographs, but now we will have it already included in the mobile.

Curiosities of the OnePlus Concept One

oneplus concept one mclaren "width =" 1200 "height =" 600

According to some media in English, a curiosity that can be said about this mobile is that internally it is identical to the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition. The only thing that changes is the case, formed by two large pieces of leather in orange, inspired by the McLaren 720S Spider, and the cameras.

It is almost a fact that this mobile it will not go on sale. In fact, OnePlus says that if it goes on the market, don't be the same, and that they continue to develop the technology for future devices. After all, it is a prototype, and there are few times that these are launched as they are presented.

On the functionality of this type of glass, we can say that in a mobile with the design of the Concept One it is not too much needed. However, in phones such as the Galaxy S10 Lite, or the Note 10 Lite, in which the rear cameras stand out a lot, if it will be an authentic goal.

If it's mobile, it would be throwing, How much do you think it will cost? Will you be willing to buy it? Leave us your comments below and open debate.