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Samsung Galaxy S20 will be the final name of the Galaxy S11

In 2020 we will meet the replacement of the Samsung Galaxy S10, which will be the new high-end device of the Korean company. However, this could be more than a mere new model of the series, representing a change in the nomenclature that has been used so far.

Samsung will move from the Galaxy S10 to the Galaxy S20 for its high-end

Releasing nomenclature in 2020

As you know, Samsung has been launching its Galaxy S series terminals with consecutive number designations: Galaxy 6, Galaxy 7 and so on until it reaches the current model of the Samsung Galaxy S10. In 2020 various sources suggest that this model is going to change and what should be The Samsung Galaxy S11 will actually launch as the Samsung Galaxy S20. In other words, we will jump from the Galaxy S10 to the Galaxy S20.

The reason is a mystery, but we imagine that it can be a way of trying to represent that we are facing a model that can represent a significant change in the range, also taking advantage of the situation of being in the year 2020.

If this is confirmed, it is very possible that the same applies to models such as the Note, which so far follow the same mode of designation as the S series.

How about this change?

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