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The first issue of Voque Magazine for iPad is now available


The world of publications is undergoing a radical change and now the public is much more digital. The new magazine Voque is a completely new and free digital publication which brings to your iPad the latest news in fashion, music, new trends, technology and travel. The first cover of this new magazine stars a special character, Bob Sinclair, DJ, producer and co-owner of the Yellow Productions label. He personally wanted to support the premiere of the magazine in our country. Good luck!

The first call number for iPad is now available on the App Store, Don't Miss It!

Voque is a new native iPad magazine with which you can enjoy current content without leaving the sofa. This month they have the unconditional support of Bob Sinclair and on the inside pages you will discover a fabulous interview. Whether you like electronic music or not, you should not miss it.

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<p>The travel section is a very important section in voice and you can enjoy great reports loaded with high quality photographs. Thanks to the agreement that the magazine has with <em>my Cloud</em>, the largest community of travelers in Spain, <strong>enjoy reports made from the camera of any of its users</strong>.</p>
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